Retroactive funding, March 2022

Today is April 1st! It is time to reward who in the Unlock community you think created most value for the protocol and its community!

As a remainder, you have 7 days until April 8th to submit yourself or anyone’s address. After that, all token holders will have 7 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting!) on these addresses.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will be receiving their share of the 100 UDT allocated!

Please share their addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded!


Nominate @LittleFortunes again as it’s been another active month for Tales of Elatora. Caroline has been promoting the project, which is built on top of unlock, been on the community calls discussing the power of unlock and using it in a super interesting way. For me, this project has always been promoting Unlock on top of promoting itself which shows the power of the protocol and how much early adopters believe in building with it.

Address littlefortunes.eth - 0x83CE088FF9A2491163a95449362DA0628307d339


Hello!! :grinning:

I would like to nominate myself (@David-Moderator) for my contributions to the project:

  1. Report a security bug about the email.

  2. Perform a small audit of the exposed risk on the assets exposed to the Internet of Unlock.

  3. The biggest contribution was paying 30,000$ of my pocket for Bitboy Video and getting the boost the project needed to reach more creators, influencers …

I will continue to contribute as I love this project and I know that all you need is everyone’s help to get very far.

My wallet: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5

Thanks a lot!


Ooh this is so very kind!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would like to nominate @JEA for building ETHAnglia. I wasn’t aware of this project until our Contributor meeting this last month, but what a wonderful project. James is passionate and works hard, and I feel like what ETHAnglia is creating should be available in many more places. I hope James can at some point expand OR - this would be even better - one of the ETHAnglia students can help to set out their mission in other countries and places.

Address: 0x95525F6B799268c5ebe23daF1b44DE40cCF74Ec5


Thank you so much.i really appreciate your kind words.




Would like to nominate @foskaay for being exceptionally active in the Discord during the month of March 2022, answering numerous questions from other community members and helping everyone new to Unlock and web3 to level up their skills (example: Discord)



Great shout ccarfi - good nomination that one.


I would like to nominate myself for actively promoting Unlock Protocol in my community and social media.


Hey there :wave:!!

I would like to nominate myself (@abdul_kabugu ) for my contributions to the project:

  1. Active in discord Developer server

  2. promoting protocol on socials

  3. improving Unlock-protocol user experience by creating UIs for unlock-features

  4. creating tutorials for react developers on how to integrate unlock-protocol

the biggest contribution was creating website for BRING YOUR NFT feature
which has been a major influence for web 2.0s and non-technical users. Give it try (in PC ). so far used by more than 170 within 2 weeks. and many feedback on improvements that will soon be presented,

also another big thing is coming soon :star_struck: . currently selling tickets there is difficulty and a bad experience what if with just 3 clicks you can create tickets add(description,pc,tips,offers, socials) and get your landing page with all ths info. clean UI and 3 clicks is my mottoo! interesting? then vote for me

ADDRESS: 0xCa92d783a14477825a111Bc49e9A6A93308C92A9


I would like to nominate @cstreet for her contribution to Unlock and the community. I’ll add her wallet address as soon as I know which one it is.


I’d like to nominate myself, and PlannerDAO for the March retroactive funding.

Address - 0x5EBd7cb74E733eF0a9C94338Ca688Fe7ec28F184

We utilized Unlock Protocol to create a certification token for the Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation.

We teach financial professionals about crypto and DeFi and how to make it a part of their practice. As part of that education, we created a certification course and designation, and later donated the designation to PlannerDAO.

After an advisor goes through the course, he/she goes to PlannerDAO to take the exam (and has to pay in Crypto). Once they pass the exam, we airdrop them the certification token.

We are now working with wallets, custodians, research providers, and other partners to make the token act as a gateway to additional products and services. We are also creating voting in our DAO based on the presence of the CDAA token, rather than on ERC-20 tokens.



I would like to nominate @Muhammadmusaab for retroactive funding for the month of March.


Abdur rehman


Thanks to all who voted for me last time, this was a huge boost for me. :pray:

Whenever possible, I will try even harder to contribute as a graphic designer to designing visuals to promote Unlock on social media. For that I definitely need the help of locksmiths who can give me substantive input for any visuals for something that needs to be promoted and I sincerely hope that there will be more input so that I can design more graphics for Unlock and the community.

I also want to work with other motivated members to try to encourage other members to get involved, in order to build an active community together. Devs work hard for the tech and non techs can help by building the community. UDT can become the next big thing and we can contribute to that together.

That’s why I want to nominate myself @CarloZelf
My wallet address: 0x08A5678b176FBDb6C8b917ebB4922B4979F5324c