Connect with Unfurl -- high-security access made easy

Unfurl Connect is a lock-aware identity provider – think “Connect with Google”, but with locks.

So, as a user, you are allowing access, not to your photos, but to your on-chain entitlements (e.g. "Pro Subscription)

As a client, you get super-easy, slick experience gating access via memberships. Unlock makes this possible.

Unfurl Connect was born out of my desire for a platform/framework/language-independent way to use Unlock. The vision for users being Unlock subscriptions on your smart TV. The vision for services is a 30-minute setup to start taking Crypto for subscriptions services regardless of technology – even if the service didn’t previously have authentication.

UPDATE: JAN 2021: We know have an identity federation. This means you can link other wallet addresses and social accounts to your unfurl account, login with any one of them, and have all claims for all your connected wallet accounts.

I like this because I have android, so after linking my google account to my Unfurl account on my desktop, I have full access on my phone even though I don’t have metamask on my phone.

I will soon be releasing the underlying libraries that Unfurl uses so anyone can deploy their own replacement service should that ever be needed.

Please give it a try! Let me know why it is, or isn’t, for you – or if you just can’t make sense of what it’s for.


Update for 19 Nov 2021: We are ahead of schedule and should comfortably make the beta test milestone on 30 Nov. I’m going to try to squeeze in a better onboarding process for clients than originally planned.

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Looking forward to test out the unfurl ,curious

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this!

Very excited about that!

We are now taking client registration though I’ve been using it for a month now – it’s been stable. Definitely, worth a spin as it is fun and only takes a few minutes. Unfurl Connect

Unfurl works with pretty much every language, platform, and service because it is fully OIDC compliant. For the tech stacks I’ve tested, only two or three lines of code and/or config is needed. I have put up some code for those on the client registration (“connect your app”) page.

I will put these on GitHub, and if there is interest, put up a hosted demo for each.

However, I’m not a native app developer, so it would be time-consuming for me to test an implementation. Also, I would likely make it harder than it needs to be. Okta and Auth0 have libraries that make it dead simple. OpenID has the open-source AppAuth for Android and iOS, but it’s super flexible and thus verbose – though some opinionated working examples are available for each.

I’m also really interested in other devices. So please contact me if you’d like to help test.

What language, platform, and services do you guys use?

For which would you like to see how easy it is to use Unfurl?