Connect with Unfurl -- high-security access made easy

Unfurl Connect is a lock-aware identity provider – think “Connect with Google”, but with locks.

So, as a user, you are allowing access, not to your photos, but to your on-chain entitlements (e.g. “Pro Subscription [YOUR PRODUCT]”).

As a client, you get super-easy, slick experience gating access via memberships. Unlock makes this possible.

We have a currently working proof-of-concept that is going into production now. The current timeline is to do a Beta at the end of this month (Nov 2021). Let me know if you want to be a part of this.

Unfurl Connect (still under construction) was born out of my desire for a platform/framework/language-independent way to use Unlock. The vision for users being Unlock subscriptions on your smart TV. The vision for services is 30-minute setup to start taking Crypto for subscriptions services regardless of technology – even if the service didn’t previously have authentication.


Update for 19 Nov 2021: We are ahead of schedule and should comfortably make the beta test milestone on 30 Nov. I’m going to try to squeeze in a better onboarding process for clients than originally planned.

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Looking forward to test out the unfurl ,curious

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this!

Very excited about that!