December Community Update

General Updates

  • Our founder was a speaker at the Ledger Op3n conference in Paris and his talk was about unlocking the web with memberships. Click here to see a clip!
  • We’re participated in EthGlobal’s latest Hackathon called Web3 Jam and 17 projects worked with Unlock to power their ideas and one of them was a finalist in the hackathon! Go here and watch our founders talk for their kick off event!
  • November’s Contributor’s Meetup was amazing with presentations by MyCrypto and Content Rooms! Check out the replay here!
  • We’re making plans to attend ETHDenver!! Be sure to let us know if you’ll be there so we can say hello and hand out some Schwag!
  • Just a reminder, please delegate and claim your airdrop so we can power up the DAO!
  • We’re HIRING! If you (or anyone you know) is a dev evangelist, click here and learn more!

Protocol Integrations & Updates

DAO Updates

  • We’re hoping to have more delegates to build a more robust DAO with a diversity of participants, so we’ve decided to expand our delegations of remaining pre-mine UDT to organizations that can help support the adoption and growth of the protocol and web3. Read more about it here.
  • If you’d like to follow the progress of the DAO governance process and see all of the details at any given moment, head over to our Tally and check out the details.
  • Please DELEGATE YOUR VOTES if you’re participating in the DAO. You can self-delegate or choose a community member, but please delegate! Here’s the details on our community site:

Grant Program

  • Cohort 5 grantees are knee deep in their integrations and our grant committee is meeting soon to select the next round of grantees! Cohort 5 includes integrations by creators, artists and some existing membership platforms making the leap into web3!
  • Cohort 6 was just selected and we’ll be rolling out the update on who they are and what fabulous projects they are working on shortly! This will be the last Cohort for 2021!
  • If you’d like to submit before the committee meets again, go here ASAP:

PR/Marketing/Community Initiatives

  • From 11/7/2021-12/14/21 we saw a 8.2% audience growth on Twitter and LinkedIn and the engagement rate increased by 28%.
  • Our emailing list is live and growing every day! Sign up on our homepage!
  • Our Discord currently has 1437 locksmiths!!!
  • We started working with DeepWork to rebrand Unlock and help us bridge the web2 and web3 worlds and prepare for all the amazing goodness we have in the works!