End of year roadmap!

We’re excited to unveil the roadmap that the core team at Unlock will be working on until December 31st.

As you know, we’re an extremely small team (2 devs, myself included) so this is very ambitious and any help you can provide is always appreciated!

  • Upgradable PublicLock contracts (by their lock managers)
  • New features in PublicLock:
    • Non-expiring keys: ability to create locks without a duration
    • Gas-refund: the ability for lock manager to specify an amount refunded to the key purchase (or grants) transactions
    • 3rd party strategies: adding a balanceOf hook that lets other contracts determine if someone should get a membership-based on arbitrary characteristics (users owns a balance of X tokens, another NFT… etc(
    • Dynamic TokenURI: providing a mechanism for a lock owner to define a 3rd party contract for the logic to yield the tokenURI
  • Dev tools:
    • OAuth/OIDC flow for 3rd party applications who do not want to handle wallets
    • Webhooks ability to register hooks when a transaction gets executed on a lock
  • Creator tools:
    • Multichain dashboard
    • Persistent login
    • Granting membership UI
  • Member tools:
    • Manage memberships from the keychain (cancel, transfer, view on open-sea)
  • Misc: more/better docs, more 3rd party integrations… etc

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