Errors trying to install local version of Unlock

Hi there! I’ve been attempting to get my local development environment set up and have been unable to get the Unlock main app to start. I was following along the readme at with moderate success – made a local folder, installed yarn, got the Docker eth-node up and running – but I keep running into an error right at the end when I try to do yarn workspace @unlock-protocol/unlock-app start (error attached below).

It says the unlock-js module cannot be found, which is strange because running yarn to install all the dependencies completes successfully (with warnings, I suppose). And I can see that the unlock-js folder & files do exist in the packages folder. So I’m not sure what’s happening.

Unfortunately I’m nearly clueless with the command line and messing with Node so I’m not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this issue. Any help or guidance on where to go next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Errors below:

The configuration variable base64WedlocksPublicKey is falsy.
The configuration variable stripeApiKey is falsy.
Failed to compile.

Type error: Cannot find module '@unlock-protocol/unlock-js' or its corresponding type declarations.

   8 | import Head from 'next/head'
   9 | import styled from 'styled-components'
 10 | import { Web3Service } from '@unlock-protocol/unlock-js'
     |                             ^
  11 | import { RoundedLogo } from '../Logo'
  12 | import { MetadataForm } from './MetadataForm'
  13 |
info  - Checking validity of types .


  • Windows 11
  • unlock 1.0.1
  • npm 8.10.0
  • node 16.15.0
  • Docker v20.10.14

Thanks! Have you run yarn run build at the root of the repo? This should build the package dependencies…


Hi Julien, thanks for the reply and for the warm welcome! I appreciate it.

Doing yarn run build looks like it completes successfully! Unfortunately, I run into another set of errors after I attempt to do yarn workspace @unlock-protocol/unlock-app start afterwards. It’s a long long list of errors but here’s a short snippet of the two most prominent ones (repeating):

I’m definitely out of my depth here and thinking of just switching to testing on Rinkeby instead :sweat_smile:

Hi! What version of node are you using?

I currently have Node.js v16.15.0 installed.

I am out of ideas :confused: 16 works fine. Do you want to join our discord where some other devs can maybe help you?

No worries, Julien! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out, thank you so much. I think I’m just going to test on Rinkeby for now. Having a local installation would’ve been nice but not 100% necessary for our project to move forward.

Thank you for the suggestion on joining the Discord server – I have actually been there for a while now, but just lurking :smile:

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