Grantee Class One | June 2021

:wave: Hi everyone! This is Amber from the :lock: Unlock Grants Team!

This is the section of the forum that will collect quarterly updates from each grant class! This is also a great place to get to know one another and update each other on your projects!

If you need any super quick support, please post in the Grants channel on Discord!

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Grantee List, Class One

Paul Wagner, Vienna, Austria
Member Benefits (Shopify App)

A Shopify app that allows merchants to easily integrate locks in their stores. Customers with a key to a lock get the associated discount code applied.

JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Liquid (Shopify templates)

Henry Hoffman, London, UK
Unlock Unity Integration

Empower game developers to easily add unlockable content to their Web3 games using Unlock Protocol.

Henry Hoffman, London, UK
Decentraland Unlock Integration

  • SDK Integration. Rewriting Unlock-js functionality to utilise the Decentraland libraries, TypeScript and native UI, so developers can easily display lock information, purchase locks, and trigger events on transaction confimations.
  • Smart Item. Bundle the SDK integration into a smart item, so creators can utilise the Decentraland drag and drop Maker mode, allowing non-developers to easily deploy locks to their virtual land.
  • Unlock HQ. A fully realised virtual headquarters, where players can meet avatars of the team, read about the protocol, watch videos, test the protocol in realtime, and find out more info on integrating it into their own experiences.

Austin Robey, Brooklyn, New York
Unlock Use Case Documentation (Musicians, Member-based Organizations, & Physical Spaces)

Accessible documentation for Unlockโ€™s website and GitBook repository that gives examples of how the Unlock Protocol could be used for additional use cases.

Alberto De Capitani, London, England
Novum Insights

FireUnlock - a Firebase extension for Unlock Protocol.

JavaScript, TypeScript

Kalidou Diagne, Milan, Italy

Unlock Showcase

Website with a collection of websites and applications using UnlockProtocol with a blog and social profile thats shares content related to UnlockProtocol.

Typescript, VueJS or React, GraphCMS

Anjali Young, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Integrating Unlock Protocol with Collab.Land. Collab.Land will let users create locks in Discord and Telegram.

Typescript, Javascript, Solidity

Ismail Hassan, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Telegram Bot Unlock Integration

Telegram integration with Unlock Protocol that allows owners to restrict access to their private channels/groups to only members that own an active key.


Cyprien Grau, Montreal, Quebec

Unlock Integration with Beem, a Live events & VOD social platform

JS, React

Marshall Holmes, Waxahachie, Texas, USA
Streamers Unleashed

Integration with Streamlabs to allow donations and superchats with Unlock Protocol.


Camille Besse, Nantes, France
Unlock Discourse Forum Plugin

Lock topics behind the Unlock paywall. Enable Discourse members to buy your membership as an NFT or receive it via an airdrop to access topics from locked categories.

Javascript & Ruby

**Official Blog Post announcing the grantees:**
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