Integration Wishlist

Here’s a shout out to all the creators looking to step into #web3 decentralization goodness…

What is your wishlist for apps/platforms that you wish would do either of the following…

  1. Replace a core platform with a decentralized version.
  2. Add Unlock to the existing platform.

Place your answers below and let’s start a running wishlist of integrations or new platform builds. We’ll take your list and create future bounties, pair grantees with integrations or maybe even roll out an RFP like we did to create the decentralized version of OnlyFans.

I’ll start us off…

I’d love to replace Twitter w/a decentralized version.
I’d love to replace all my logins to all the websites with metamask or Unlock.

I’d love to integrate Unlock with more artist friendly/non-tech web builders like SquareSpace.
I’d also love to see more integrations with encrypted apps and privacy-centric platforms.

Your turn…GO!!