Introduce yourself!


My name is Jean-Baptiste, I met Julien in Lyon (long long time ago…) and have been following his adventures since then.
I’m not a blockchain expert, but find the Unlock concept fun and usefull.
I wanted to try a lock on an affordable network (xDAI), so I connected here :wink:


My name is Anne. I qualified for the UDT airdrop through a MyCrypto membership and I’ve since grown interested in the protocol. Excited to learn more and to participate!


Hi there
My name is Mhd Musaab. I am Unlock’s OG on Twitters.
My Twitter name: Mhd MuSab


Hi all,

My name is James, and I run and incubator in Norwich, a city in the East of England (north of London) - Startup business incubator offering support and space in Norwich

We are branching quite heavily into web3 currently and looking to build a community for the east of England. We hope to create a roadmap to web3 adoption in out of metropolitan areas. We are very early stage, but are building some amazing partners. HTTPS://

Im super passionate about community building and empowering people to achieve change in their life. We are offering a number of code bootcamps and scholarships in classic full stack and web3 to achieve this.

My passion for supporting people into education comes from a personal experience where one of my teachers essentially made it possible for me to go to university, I’m not saying that’s the right route for everyone, but I look at that moment in my life and realise just how much it changed the complete trajectory of where I am today. If through what we are building, through our scholarships, we can do something similar too. Even for one person. It’s been worth the energy. I believe we will do so much more.

Really awesome to be a part of the community, look forward to being a part of it here.


Hello everyone, I’m Carlo and I live in the Netherlands, I have a small company in the graphic sector and provide print and designs for a wide variety of companies and the funeral industry. In this crazy time it’s not always easy to get enough assignments and the lockdowns don’t make it better, many of my customers have had to temporarily close their business.
If you have ideas for designs for the promotion of Unlock, let me know and I will try to make nice designs so I can also contribute to the community.
I am very interested in what is currently being developed in the crypto space and I am learning more every day, although it is difficult to understand technical developments well with my not very good English language, although it does get much better after years.
P.S. submit your ideas for designs and put me to work.
If you appreciate me contributing something positive to the community iam doing so, please feel free to give me a small vote on retroactive funding, which gives extra motivation to spend more time on it. :pray:
Regards Carlo


Hi Everyone! My name is Kent and I am a pharmacist in Hong Kong:

I usually work on healthcare x blockchain prototyping. I was part of the winning team for Unlock x Livepeer in ETHGlobal NFThack 2022: Got It · ETHGlobal Showcase

I am currently prototyping Unlock with media distribution and entertainment platforms and there are already some commercial partnerships in the pipeline!




Hi Everyone!

I’m Aseem. I live in NYC and am currently a Product Lead at Uniswap Labs.

I was an early supporter of Julien when Unlock was just getting off the ground - helping him build some of the initial team. I’m also a delegate in the Unlock DAO and excited to vote on the first proposal today.

Hit me up if I can be of help.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Michael! I am a researcher at CDTM and LMU in Munich, Germany. I am involved in running an add-on study program on the intersection of technology and management. As part of a design-sprint inspired hackathon we organized, I got in touch with Julien and was interested in the value Unlock provides and getting hands-on experience in community-driven DAO governance.

Excited to learn and participate!


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Hello! I’m Patrick Workman and recently joined Unlock as VP, Business Development. A little about me:

  • I live in Brooklyn, NY (I’m originally from Idaho) with my wife and two daughters :statue_of_liberty:
  • I’ve spent the past 10+ years in business development and partnership roles at Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Experian :necktie:
  • I recently completed a Kernel fellowship (a web3 educational community) and led growth for illogics (a 8,888 NFT collection)
  • In my free time, I like to golf, run and follow the band Phish around the US :o:

I’m stoked to learn from and be part of this vibrant community. Please keep the conversation flowing as I drink from the Unlock firehose!!

If you’d like to learn more about Unlock or my journey, my calendar is always open:

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Hello, I’ve been trying to find out if you also work on the Solana network. 12 fails to join the discord lol but I finally found this one

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Hello everybody! My name is Jorrel Sto Tomas and I co-founded a No-Code NFT launch and scale tool called a few months ago.

I am based in West Los Angeles and I was raised in Orange County! Before jumping into Web 3, I was into Data Analytics/Tooling/Engineering having worked in data roles at start ups like Lever, Flexport, and AppOnboard.

I’ve been in the NFT and greater Web 3 space for the past few years, but only took the jump about a year and a half ago to get more involved. I’m a big fan of removing predatory middleman in the process of transitioning the world from Web 2 to Web 3, hence the reason that Rampp actually came about!

My co-founder and I saw that a lot of smart contract developers for hire were charging exorbitant amounts of money for basically a template of a smart contract, so we developed Rampp as a no-code tool that technical and non-technical users that want to participate in the NFT ecosystem can use basically for free.

I am big fan of what Unlock is doing, and I’m hoping there are ways that Rampp can help the Unlock ecosystem! Cheers!

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