Introduce yourself!

:wave: Hi There! This is topic for everyone to introduce themselves

If you want, please tell us who you are, where you are from and how you found Unlock!

Also, please share your areas of expertise or the the things you want to learn from the community so we can help each other!


And, of course, I’ll start! My name is Julien Genestoux and I am the founder of Unlock.

I am originally from Lyon, France, but I now live in NYC :green_apple: after I sold my previous company to Medium and they wanted to have me closer to them :slight_smile:

I deeply believe that the web should be more open and decentralized and I think for this to remain true, we need ways for creators to monetize their work on their own sites without gatekeepers or middlemen. This is what Unlock is about!

I am an engineer who actually likes the challenges of both front-end and back-end code, even though I often struggle to remain up to date on the latest trends.


Hi all! My name is Sarah, and I’m one of the moderators on the discord server. I am originally from NY, and I am currently a graduate student in California where I study applied statistics.

I became interested in Unlock due to the potential of the NFT ticketing protocol. To me, that is one of the best real world use cases for blockchain technology - it’s completely unique, and when it’s implemented, we all win (except the scalpers, of course).

Feel free to reach out if I can help you with anything!

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Hello everybody! my name is Andreu (aka David in discord) I am a moderator in the Unlock community.

I am Spanish and I live in Barcelona. I have been working professionally for more than 12 years in the world of cybersecurity. My main hobby is blockchain projects since 2016. Very happy to be able to participate and help in whatever way I can in this great project.

Feel free to ask what you need, I will be happy to help you!!


Hello my fellow Locksmiths… I go by The Foreign Shooter ™ I am a Filmmaker & Content Creator.

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia but I permanently moved to Los Angeles with my family when I was about 6 years old.

I have a passion for blockchain and what the technology will do for the human race in the future and I firmly believe that Unlock will play a massive role in that change.

You can find my work on I have been shooting visuals my entire life and I am excited about integrating Unlock for my own content. In fact, I’m currently working on my first NFT Project called TYLR.WORLD. TYLR is a boy trapped in the World of NFTs. Each NFT will be a “Scene” minted only when TYLR’s DAO votes on how TYLR’s story will unfold. Once the votes are cast, a new “Scene” will be minted. This will allow collectors of the TYLR NFTs to contribute to TYLR’s storyline. I hope to use Unlock Protocol to allow access only to those people who hold TYLR’s Author NFT or potentially allow Unlock Protocol to accept TYLR tokens to purchase the TYLR NFTs.

I am always hanging out in the chat rooms so please reach out if you guys have any questions. Happy to be apart of this project.

Fun fact… I’m a Real Estate Professional / Investor


Hi everyone!

My name’s Henry Hoffman and I’m a game developer from the UK. You can see a bit more about me on Twitter:

I’ve been making video games since I was 9 years old, and been doing it professionally for over 10 years. I founded my first company in University where our debut game landed a publishing deal with Microsoft and won a BAFTA. Since then I’ve founded 3 more companies, with my most recent game Hue ( releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and more.

I’ve been in crypto since 2013 as a hobby, but only started developing for it this year. On discovering Unlock, I immediately saw the value for creators, and became much more interested in web3 and the open web in general.

Combining these two interests, I’ve been developing an Unlock Decentraland integration, as well as a Unity Game Engine integration. Excited to see this Discourse integration, as I’m going to use it as an example of how an in-game membership can provide forum access outside of the game itself!



I’m Ben, and I was on the Unlock team during the initial launch in 2018/2019. You can learn more about me at my website at - and unlock some content using a lock that Julien and I share.

I previously founded a couple of open source projects: Elgg, which was an open source social networking platform, and Known, which was used in education for blogging. I’ve also worked in mission-driven investing, including in DADA, which was one of the first platforms to use NFTs for art. Right now, I’m working on a way to build retirement savings using crypto at

I consider myself to be a writer more than anything, and I’m excited to think about using Unlock as a way to monetize serial fiction and non-fiction work.


Hi Everyone! My name is Amber Case and I live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a big fan of open source and a user experience methodology called Calm Technology.

I am relatively new to the Unlock team, and I’m really happy to be here!

How did I learn about Unlock? I knew Julien for maybe 6-7 years, but I did not know he was working on Unlock until last year when he presented at the Future of Micropayments conference I ran last year. It was fantastic to see Unlock’s approach to memberships, great use of NFTs, and I loved the technology in general.

I’m excited to help with user experience, strategy, product and partnerships! Looking forward to seeing Unlock grow, and to meet and hang out with all of you as we build together!


Hi! I’m Austin Robey and I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I am really excited about Unlock and it’s potential to create new business models and forms of community support for creators.

I’m an Unlock grantee and hope to become a regular contributor! I’m also a co-founder of Ampled, a Patreon-like platform for musicians (collectively owned by artists & workers and formed as a co-op). I’m interested in the development of internet-native tools towards building a more democratic, equitable, and inclusive online economy.

I’m also very interested in DAOs as a new way of organizing people and work, as well as the distribution of value and decision making. I can’t remember where I first heard about Unlock, but I remember instantly recognizing the potential and power of the idea. I hope to be a participant in Unlock’s governance – I’m here to learn!

I’m a member of NEW INC (the cultural incubator of New Museum in NYC), and of Seed Club (the social token incubator). I have a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.


Hello everyone! I’m Crystal Street and I just joined the Unlock Team as the community manager! Reach out on Twitter @ & let’s connect.

I’m a documentary photographer, writer, yogi and comms strategist. I’ve worked as a freelance photojournalist, commercial photog and producer for many years and ran a boutique web dev shop too. I’m currently minting my photo archives to the blockchain and funding future projects using NFTs. My website explains my NFT art a little deeper. I’m located in the States and call the Rocky Mountains home (or I will in 2 weeks :wink: )

I’m passionate about blockchain tech, decentralization of all the things and using Unlock to empower artists and creators to own their content and retain their sovereignty regardless of the platforms where they publish their content or manage their communities.

I’m so excited to help other creators understand and embrace the power of Unlock and NFTs and help them navigate building thriving blockchain ecosystems to support the work they passionately create for all of us to enjoy!


Hey everyone,

I’m Patrick Mayr and an investor with Cherry Ventures in Berlin. We’re an early stage investor, partnering with companies across all types of industries. Since I joined Cherry in 2017, I’ve been focusing my time on the firm’s crypto / blockchain practice. Unlock was the firm’s first investment into the space, when we led the seed round in 2018. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of working with Julien and the rest of the Unlock team!

When Julien presented Unlock to us in 2018, his vision of the future encompassed to trends that were at the time non-obvious:
1 The world of online content is moving from monetising through adverstisements to creators directly monetising their audiences through subscriptions and the like.
2. Crypto tokens, specfically NFTs, would provide creators with the technology to circumvent the centralised platforms and retain control over the economics with their audience.

Today, Unlock looks to have been right on both accounts. Especially on the second point though, it’s still in the early innings. We’re excited to help Unlock to continue to push the envolop and enable the next generation of creators!


Hi all, it’s a real pleasure meeting everyone. My name is Denise and I’m co-founder of GMG Ventures, which is a MediaTech VC fund out of London. We recently backed Unlock: the idea of building interoperable and portable community ecosystems could completely step change internet services. My background is in tech/AI so this is my first blockchain endeavour and I’m so excited to be part of what we can do with the protocol. Really looking forward to working with you all.
All the best


Bonjour! This is Praneeth, based in Berlin: formerly with venture investment team at Consensys and doing something related these days as well :slight_smile:

We’ve been among the seed investors in Unlock back in 2018 - and truly loved the notion of powering a new business model for the web based on an open membership model that Julien has always had in mind for the same. Glad to see this community grow and build - and happy to support with what’s needed.


:wave: Hey! I’m Chris and like @benwerd I was on the early Unlock Protocol team. Now I work at a crypto exchange, but I’ve been following Unlock closely and it’s really exciting to see what’s been going on! The Decentraland integration in particular is really nifty.

One of my main interests is in bridging the gap between the “real” world and the digital world, so the ticketing NFTs have been my favorite use so far. There’s something I like about the circularity of using the physical lock-and-key metaphor, bringing it online, and then exporting it back into the physical domain.


Hi, Benoit here, from SF. I am an early investor in Unlock and whole-heartedly subscribe to Julien’s vision to put content-creators, artists (…) at the center of Web3’s incentives and distribution model.

I also believe that Web3 and Unlock have the potential to help solve problems and remove friction in many other domains (e.g. healthcare) and would love to see/support future evolutions.

With a background in operating model and org design, I am very intrigued in how DAOs empower Web3 native companies and how they could shake things-up in established/legacy corporate governance systems.


My name is Avi
I am in crypto since 2016
I am an investor who believe unlock is a good investment
Good luck

Hi Julian
We need more exposure via you tube, you tubers, and exchenges,
This exposures will raise token price which will bring new investors which will bring more money for developers and money when bear market will come, because one day it will

Hi there,
My name is Chris and I have been following Unlock since I first ran into it in reasearching creating some NFT artwork for a friend. I also joined a develeper call back in May but it was a bit (lot actually) above me.

Reason for interest is I run a travel guide website in drupal and it could be interesting to have subscription based parts of the website. After being busy on other project I now return to unlock and tried to create my first lock. ETH gas fees were 150$ so I backed of. Its only a test project.

I think I need some help on how to set up a lock in BAT or DAI with a metamask wallet. Is there info on the website here?


Hello Chris, and welcome!! We have a Docs website filled with resources and if you hop into our Discord, you can talk directly with devs and community builders to help with implementation. We also have a grant program for integration, you can find that info in the Docs site and on our homepage too.

My name is victarion and I have just stumbled upon this project listening Julien’s interview on Zima Red podcast on my way to work. This project seems really great and as a heavy media/data consumer it connected the dots right away. Just finished to read the white paper and will keep looking for more info in here.
Have a great day ahead.