Locking Content on WordPress

You can easily lock and charge for content on WordPress our plugin. Check out the documentation, feel free to share use cases and questions below. What is missing or how can we improve unlocking content for you on WordPress?

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I’m playing with the plugin in now and I love the simplicity of it. I’m a little lost on conceptually how to deploy Unlock throughout the site and probably just need to do a deep dive watching someone explain how it’s been deployed on a live site.

I’m also a little hung up on some of the technicals. When someone is a member and is logged into Metamask through their browser, will the locked content automatically show or do they have to deploy the wallet and sign to view each piece of locked content? Can a member access their content seamlessly through a mobile browser?

I have more questions, but I’ll start there. Thanks so much!!

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Thanks @cstreet ! These are great questions!

So, the first step is to create a lock. You should be able to do it from our dashboard : https://app.unlock-protocol.com/dashboard

Then, once that lock has been created you will need to add it to your WordPress post thru the WordPress editor.

So, when someone is visiting your WordPress site, they will be prompted to connect their MetaMask. When they do so, your wordpress site will identify them as such and would just then load the content that’s for members so the content “automatically” shows. From a mobile device, it is the same behavior, as long as they use the same wallet.


Thanks Julien!! I did all of that, but I’m pretty sure the lock I created (I did it before I started noodling with the WP plugin) isn’t properly set up. I watched the tutorial on locks afterwards-- duh!

Good to know about the mobile too! Excited to chat with you about the tech side a little deeper. Save us the typing it out. Thanks!!!

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