Marketing Proposal - Collaboration with Mando

Dear DAO Members,

As many of you know, we have been exploring various options for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and marketing agencies. After evaluating their offerings and assessing the impact of certain KOLs on other projects I’ve been involved with, I believe we should focus on an influencer who can genuinely enhance the protocol in a healthy manner. Therefore, I would like to propose the following alternative:

Mando is a web3 specialist influencer who has been awarded the title of Best Influencer in 2024.

His methodology revolves around spotlighting projects by discussing their potential and different functionalities across his various platforms, which he generously makes available to the project.

His proposed services include:

  • 3-4 posts per week (in the form of threads and long-form posts)
  • Custom-curated content and graphics
  • Technical Analysis (TAs), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), etc.
  • Unlimited engagement on all significant announcements from the project’s Twitter
  • account (RTs, likes, comments, etc.)
  • YouTube video mentions
  • Twitter Spaces, Ask Me Anything sessions (AMAs), etc.

The cost of this proposal is $18,000, payable 50% in USDT and 50% in UDT tokens.

The duration for this amount covers one month, which I believe is sufficient to evaluate the impact within our community. It’s noteworthy that Mando is willing to accept 50% payment in UDT tokens, demonstrating his confidence in the project’s potential and positive impact.

Unlock Protocol requires greater exposure to showcase its potential and functionalities. Here are some examples of how we can leverage this collaboration with Mando:

  • An AMA session with Julien and Mando, where Julien can discuss the protocol’s
  • immense potential, as he has done in previous AMAs.
  • Creating detailed threads about the protocol’s functionalities, utilizing Mando’s retweets
  • to amplify our reach and grow the community.

There are numerous ways to capitalize on this collaboration proposal. The main objective is to achieve broader exposure for the protocol while potentially driving a positive impact on the token price, thus ensuring a healthy treasury for further DAO initiatives.

What are your thoughts on this proposal?


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Hi David,

I think this is a great idea and opportunity to put unlock back under the spotlights for the mass to get attention and create awareness for the protocol.
We really have to use our time sufficiently otherwise the value of this project will bleed to death.

You have my vote and I can’t imagine that members with “clear intentions” will vote against this.
If we won’t do something now after all these years and the value loss we experienced then nobody will do it.

Thanks for your great effort!

Excellent work David. I will be voting in favour

I really appreciate your efforts in this specific area of marketing but curious as to what are the ROIs on his previous projects he’s promoted. Does he have any KPIs or marketing data on his end he can provide?

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I provide you with the answer that a person from the Mando team gave me:

His accomplishments are plain to see from his profile; he’s an OG who’s been famous for calling out small-cap gems for years in crypto, and he’s just won Blockchain Life’s Best Crypto Influencer award just a few weeks ago. Measuring ROI on KOL spend is always tough, but since X has made all reach metrics public, those can also be seen on his profile.

First off thank you for all your work on this.

To preface I am in favour of supporting a marketing campaign as I acknowledge some token holders would like to see something being done in that space. These comments are not me saying I am voting no, it is just me asking for clarification.

With that said, 18k for what feels like a ‘trust me look at his profile’ ROI/KOL response from the team is concerning. I have a background in marketing, it is common for people to have at least a 1 pager with past campaigns and stats that they can share with longterm results during and post a campaign.

I am in favour of investing in something that will help with long-term growth. My concern with the teams’ response is that they don’t have those metrics because they don’t care outside of their 1 month contract.

Outside of a spike in price action, do you feel this will lead to longterm holders, helping drive the longterm value of the token? I would love your insight on this since you’ve been researching and selecting this person. That was a genuine question - would love to hear your thoughts.

Influencer campaigns are effective for short term attention and results but don’t tend to drive long-term value outside of ‘hired’ campaign window.

Again still open to this, not saying I am voting no, just asking for some clarification and insight.

If we want longterm token value action, we need to have a plan outside of just influencer marketing and continuous influencer marketing isn’t the answer.

This 18k is an investment into hopefully helping push UDT forward, what would be the follow-up steps post this to help ensure we are making the most of the investment?

My concern is that we’ll just see a spike and drop, which will then leave us where we are now again - that is what happened the last time we made an influencer investment. How can we think long-term sustainability? Which is the most net positive for UDT holders.

Thanks again for all your time and effort on this proposal.


Hello @lanzdingz , I want to thank you for expressing your opinion and concerns about this. First, I want to clarify that I share all your concerns 100%. My intention is to find something that helps, with the main goal of spreading how amazing the Unlock protocol is and allowing more and more people to know about it. As a secondary objective, I aim to impact the price for two reasons: firstly, to help the DAO’s economy grow, enabling us to do more things, and secondly, to provide a benefit to UDT holders. I am confident that achieving the primary goal of promoting Unlock to the world will have an impact on the secondary goal.

My goal in this proposal is to find an influencer who can talk about Unlock directly, without focusing on the price, and who can accurately promote the protocol. At this point, I would love for more people to help me with this and to find “something” be it a marketing company, influencer, or another method to assist us in the right way. We have some good months ahead to seize this opportunity.

Again, thank you @lanzdingz , and I hope that more people, like you, will feel encouraged to share their comments or proposals.

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Copy/ pasting from Discord:

Hey guys, thanks for this heated discussion! This is a good thing!

One favor, though: let’s not attack each other by twisting words into something they are not @salclusive especially considering that also @postarchitekt opened proposals concerning marketing and so have I.

@postarchitekt was asking for concrete metrics which makes sense to evaluate the proposal more reasonably. I found something that might be an indicator for Mando’s metrics but it still doesn’t answer how well a campaign specifically with a protocol such as ours would perform: MANDO CT: Statistics, Performance Overview & Supported Projects
But to be honest, from my experience working with influencers finding one hundred percent the correct metrics will be hard. As mentioned if their target audience is also ours this might go through the roof. If it isn’t, it might absolutely not do much or worse create misalignments.

Here are my observations on the possible target audiences we are looking for, considering that the UDT token is defined as a governance token:

  • Builders - Programmers and software developers who want to help and build out the protocol by embedding more features. Good examples are @svell , @txbiii and @blahkheart .
  • Creators - Creatives and more elaborate users embedded to a certain degree in the Web3 space who would want to use the protocol in its multiple facets.
  • Users - Plain users that want to use one aspect of the protocol such as Events.
  • Partners - Companies and projects embed the protocol into their tools and programs or utilize it for one specific function.
  • Holders - Investors who originally bought the UDT token as an investment, believing in the potential of the protocol.

There is a natural discrepancy between the first four stakeholders and the last one. The reason for this is that while holders can also benefit from short-term success, all other stakeholders benefit much more from long-term success. In my opinion and concerning marketing initiatives it is our task now to find solutions that simultaneously bring value to all the stakeholders.
Mando seems to have a lot of experience in trading, and this seems to be his main audience when he is scrolling and investigating his Twitter feed. I don’t see traders as one of our primary target audiences/ stakeholders since UDT is primarily a governance token.

My 2 cents for the day and happy Monday!

I have the same concerns with an influencer such as Mando.

Also, I knew I had forgotten something to add to my response cause yes, influencers usually have a deck that you can review with recent campaigns and to show success rates. These pitch decks are called “Influencer Media Kits” and are very common in Web2.

All for spending money to support growth, also echoing what @stellaachenbach said, we want to align with someone who can help us bring in long-term holders and people wanting to participate in the Unlock Ecosystem (which untimely is what will create a real win-win for everyone).

Point 6 is a good thing to keep in mind as well - Mando is a token/trader influencer - we want to build long-term value. Mando is a self-promoted trader, BitBoy was also a trader and that didn’t drive longterm results (even aside from what happened afterwards, before his reputation tanked, you can still see a momentary impact but no longterm growth).

We want to support the best ROI

Potentially finding a builder-aligned person to work with who would drive longer-term results. Having to pay a marketing company on top of influencers isn’t a long-term solution. As mentioned UDT is a governance token, and having more people see value in Unlock as an ecosystem for growth would drive the most sustainable longterm results.

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@lanzdingz @PostArchitekt I think you should propose someone else or come up with another plan if you don’t like David’s idea because he is the only one who has proposed anything. I don’t think it is fair to knock an idea without having an alternative

The price is close to all time lows (excluding when Julian lost his keys and went to $1) we are in dire straits with regards the price, something needs to be done. I know a lot is going on behind the scenes with building and creating but it’s all for nothing if no one knows about unlock

Hi @Tadhgb87 ,

I do understand your concerns, and thanks to @David-Moderator, I have been understanding more of the pure holder perspective. But I personally agree with @lanzdingz that if we can’t come across an influencer who genuinely understands the protocol and promotes not only the token but also the functionality, my concern is that there is no long-term value to find for us. We also inquired with Crypto Casey, and I believe her video would be $16k but might end up leaving a more long-term value for us if people like to know how to utilize the protocol and get involved with the coin.

I invite you to read week 19 of the Unlock DAO Actions Protocol, which relates to today’s weekly DAO call. There you can see all the different initiatives that are currently in the works: Unlock DAO Actions Protocol 2024 - Google Docs

@lanzdingz has worked recently very successfully on this initiative: Discord
@PostArchitekt is working on this initiative: Discord

Both of these will bring more users and, therefore, awareness of the Unlock Protocol.

After reading the comments, I believe it’s best to put this proposal on standby and see if anyone knows of an influencer who aligns with the goals the protocol and the DAO aim to achieve with this collaboration. It’s something significant enough to warrant careful consideration and to formulate a proposal with added security. There are various proposals, such as the livestream and the one on LinkedIn, which we can assess in the short term for the ROI they bring to the project and the token’s value. I still think the wisest approach is to have multiple proposals running concurrently that address the pillars of the DAO: the first and most important being to disseminate the protocol, and the second being to engage the holders. I believe it’s prudent to monitor the progress of current proposals and collectively decide on our next steps based on the outcomes!

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I have proposed ideas in the past, and continue to - I have also executed them. We just might not be aligned on what those are and that is okay.

Lots of people know and use Unlock Protocol. Your perspective/focus is token value (assuming), mine is not so we will naturally feel differently about different things.

Every person commenting on this can go to twitter and farcaster and promote UDT / Unlock if they wish- I haven’t seen that. That would also be an action people who are focused on this area can do until we can find the right fit for this marketing spend.

I am not knocking the idea, I am just being cautious of a large spend, that requires more spending, without any proof or tangible metrics that show it is worth it.

I have said many times I am for supporting something that will lead to win-win outcomes.

If there is no movement in price after the livestreaming and linkdin proposal I think we should go ahead with the marketing,is it fair to revisit this in a month to assess?

$100 traded yesterday I mean come on the token is on its knees