November 6th Community Update

General Updates

  • Our team expanded last month and we welcomed Austin Robey as our Head of Growth! Learn more about Austin’s background and Unlock community engagement on our blog (he’s a former grantee and active builder with our protocol).
  • Our founder attended Liscon, in Lisbon. Our strategic advisor presented at ETHPortland and our head of growth was there as well. And most of the team was on the ground at NFT.NYC too!
  • We’re participating in EthGlobal’s latest Hackathon called Web3 Jam from 11/12-11/24. This event is all about web3 foundational building! There’s still time to join— go here and sign up!
  • Just a reminder, please delegate and claim your airdrop so we can power up the DAO!
  • We’re HIRING! If you (or anyone you know) is a front end dev or dev evangelist, click here and learn more!

Protocol Integrations & Updates

  • Our October Contributor’s Meetup had an amazing roster of speakers— Pat who created SwordyBot & Chris, the founder of Content Rooms. Click here to watch their presentations.
  • Check out this post from our founder about creating a token gated Express application and be sure to vote for it!
  • Liscon utilized Unlock to provide IRL ticketing for their event in October in Lisbon.
  • We’re working with RaidGuild to explore (and hopefully bring to life) the decentralized version of Substack.
  • We updated our Roadmap for the remainder of 2021. Please go here and check it out!

DAO Updates

  • We had a vulnerability that surfaced during a recent update and we were able to patch the vuln before it was exploited. Because of this, we’ve had to ask a few of the addresses who delegated to do so again. We have a list of addresses here and will compensate the extra gas payment as detailed in this post.
  • We’re hoping to have more delegates to build a more robust DAO with a diversity of participants, so we’ve decided to expand our delegations of remaining pre-mine UDT to organizations that can help support the adoption and growth of the protocol and web3. Read more about it here.
  • If you’d like to follow the progress of the DAO governance process and see all of the details at any given moment, head over to our Tally and check out the details.
  • Please DELEGATE YOUR VOTES if you’re participating in the DAO. You can self-delegate or choose a community member, but please delegate! Here’s the details on our community site.

Grant Program

  • Cohort 4 grantees are knee deep in their integrations and our grant committee is meeting soon to select the next round of grantees! Cohort 4 includes integrations with Element, Notion, SaaS adoption and more!
  • If you’d like to submit before the committee meets, go here ASAP!

PR/Marketing/Community Initiatives

  • From 10/5/2021-11/4/21 we saw a 7.6% audience growth on Twitter and LinkedIn and the engagement rate increased by 99.4%.
  • Our emailing list is live and growing every day! Sign up on our homepage!
  • Our Discord surpassed 1k members and we’re currently at 1396 locksmiths!!!
  • We had two Twitter Spaces hosted by our Strategic Advisor Amber Case and they’ve been amazing conversations with a wide snapshot of the web3 community.
  • Our founder was on several podcasts and meetups.
  • Our strategic advisor was a guest on the Created Economy Show. Listen here!

GDP (Or Key Metrics)

As of November 5th, 2021, here’s the updated GDP & Lock Deployment Data:


  • Total GDP: 476.049675552090522122 ETH
  • Locks Deployed: 464
  • Keys Generated: 4,135


  • Total GDP: 5032.832371000000000001 DAI
  • Locks Deployed: 1160
  • Keys Generated: 1963

Polygon Network

  • Total GDP: 4318.850425231294488663 MATIC
  • Locks Deployed: 475
  • Keys Generated: 553

I am very excited by the progress we’re making here!


Fantastic job team!

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