October 7th, Community Update

General Updates

Protocol Integrations & Updates

  • Maskbook integrated the protocol in their encryption Mask network. You can now encrypt your tweets so only members/subscribers can see them!
  • SwordyBot, the Discord integration created by Pat (pi0neerpat on Discord) is now listed on Product Hunt, so please head over there and vote for it! Pat will also be sharing SwordyBot on our next Contributor’s Meetup, so mark your calendars for October 20th at 1pm EST!
  • Austin Robey wrote this amazing blog post on integrating Unlock for musicians. Be sure to check this out and pass it along to your musician friends looking to dive into the web3 world!
  • And Austin was on a roll with the Dinner DAOs! Here’s an article on his Dinner DAO experiment! Amber is also doing a Dinner DAO in Portland, so please reach out to either Amber or Austin on Discord if you’re interested in launching your own.

DAO Updates

  • We launched our retro-active airdrop to allow more of our community to participate in the Unlock DAO and to celebrate our early adopters and supporters. Details and how to delegate and claim your tokens are on the blog. (Yes, we put this in the update twice— that’s how excited we are about it!)
  • Our DAO became official and fully funded last month! The Unlock Inc. team has allocated 10% of the pre-mine to the DAO. Read more about it here.
  • Please DELEGATE YOUR VOTES if you’re participating in the DAO. You can self-delegate or choose a community member, but please delegate! Here’s the details on our community site.

Grant Program

  • Our grant committee is meeting next week to select the new recipients. We currently have 6 new submissions to review. If you’d like to submit before the committee meets, go here ASAP!

PR/Marketing/Community Initiatives

  • From 9/7/2021-10/4/21 we saw a 3.3% audience growth on Twitter and LinkedIn and the engagement rate increased by 30.1%.
  • Our emailing list is live and growing every day! Sign up on our homepage!
  • We’re about to hit 1000 Discord members!!!
  • Our recent Reddit AMA with our CEO was a smashing success! Read the QAs here!
  • Our strategic advisor, Amber Case held a Twitter Spaces AMA last week and it was fabulous. We’ll be doing these on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month! Please follow Amber on Twitter so you don’t miss the next one or hop into our Discord as we’ll post reminders in the Announcements channel!

GDP (Or Key Metrics)

As of October 4th, 2021, here’s the core metrics:


  • Total GDP: 429.288929353353106872 ETH
  • Total USD: 1446222.8883199242
  • Locks Deployed: 456
  • Keys Generated: 1247


  • Total GDP: 2923.631251000000000001 ETH
  • Total USD: 9849362.84886888
  • Locks Deployed: 436
  • Keys Generated: 1360

Polygon Network

  • Total GDP: 1578.357240986425287004 ETH
  • Total USD: 5317296.142014349
  • Locks Deployed: 271
  • Keys Generated: 317