Our Creator Economy - What’s Your Vision?

At Unlock, we’re focused on helping shape the new Creator’s Economy using the ever-evolving tools that blockchain provides. As creators, we have our own visions of a “Creator’s Economy” and our roles in that new economy- as individuals and as a collective.

We want to celebrate everyone’s vision of the Creator’s Economy, so please tell us your vision, definitions, or interpretations below. Then, we’ll create a blog post to celebrate the best visions or interpretations and showcase creators within the Unlock community. Your vision, Twitter handle, and a link to your work will be included in the blog post and sent to the Unlock community.

Simply do the following:

  1. Tell us in a paragraph or two your vision or interpretation of the Creator’s Economy and how you wish to empower your communities with your content or art.
  2. Include your name, Twitter handle, and a link to your content or art.
  3. Tweet a nugget of your vision and use the hashtag #ourcreatoreconomy
  4. Follow us on Twitter.
  5. Bonus points- use Unlock to access our Discord, post a link to your vision tweet in the Creator’s channel.

We’ll be choosing the top visions next week and creating a blog post to celebrate our creators and your visions! So let’s shape this new Creator’s Economy together!

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I’ll start us off:

My vision of a new Creator’s Economy is one of freedom, support and vibrant creativity. In a decentralized economy, creators can now move freely between platforms of distribution and maintain their autonomy. Creators can now monetize their creations in ways that were previously unimaginable. Direct access to collectors and community through NFTs removes the often insurmountable barriers that previous generations of artists and creators had to navigate to generate a livable wage from their creations.

Support from fellow artists, creators and decentralized communities provides a framework for creators to thrive within— supporting one another and the collective to elevate the level of creation for all of us. Such a support network for creators allows for vibrant and powerful creativity to grow organically and for creators to receive the emotional and monetary support they need to focus on generating powerful creations that benefit us all.


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My vision of a new Creator’s Economy is where the era of the ownership economy starts. The creation of microeconomics and richer ecosystems instead of one dimensional monetization models. Web 3 provides tools to move ownerhip (NFT) as simple as information (E-Mail) which was kind of the start of the ownership economy for me. This offers totally new monetization models too. The new concepts of DAOs offer the possibilities to economically align so many more participants and give them a stake economically as well as politically in the operations of a project. We are moving to a “creator first model” where the focus lies in making the creator also the “owner” of the platform instead of extracting the value from the creators to push the value of the platform as Li Jin stated: “Turning workers to owners” is fascinating. Creators can contribute in a decentrally organized way to the upside growth of a project and get rewarded. Value for Value. This strengthens the relationships between the participants of such ecosystems which is a good base for a strong community.


Creator economy vision:

Moving from corporate individualistic gig work on proprietary investor-owned platforms to co-ownership, solidarity, economic democracy, mutual support, interdependence.


My vision of the creator economy is one where each creator can decide of the way they want to make money, what benefits they want to offer to their fans/members, and where they can “move” on the web without losing the relationships they have with them

Additionally, it is one where members themselves are not used as the currency, either by seeing their privacy and personal data leaked, or by getting their attention stolen.


My vision for the creator economy is one where people can directly list, pay and transfer goods and services seamlessly, in a decentralized way, in any currency, and without a middleman.

For customers, the experience should be in line with the creator, transparent and trustworthy.
For creators, the experience should be painless, sustainable and capable of taking on the aesthetics, culture and personality of the creator. No more templated selves.

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My vision for the creator economy is one of enabling content producers, journalists, authors and artists to become entrepreneurs of their own careers. I’m deeply convinced that strong personal brands are going to emerge, grow and monetize their talents, skills and ability to anime thriving, purposed and « mintingful » (small, medium and large) communities, because of tokenization.

As a teacher and event organizer, unlocking digital content and granting awards should be my first move with unlock, along with giving access to all the content I’m producing as a journalist. Thinking about an integration of Unlock with Notion or Glide, to achieve something like Decrypt for the non-geek people (Sports, Sciences, Real Estate, etc.)

Twitter: @davanac
My Site: https://da.van.ac