Proposal to modify Retroactive Funding in Mar-2024 for 2-3 months

I have been actively participating in Unlock-Protocol conversations via the Weekly DAO + Town Hall last several months and it appears that there is an opportunity to embrace Web3 tools for enhancing Unlock-Protocol DAO / Community operations.

Problem Summary:

  • The current process / workflow for retroactive funding that is currently being utilized is not “Web3 enabled” and is very manual. There are well established web3 tools such as Coordinape + Dework that do a better job quantifying community contributions and then rewarding them accordingly.

During (or more accurately, at the conclusion of) our Unlock-Protocol Weekly DAO Call I made a discord post envisioning a process to look something like (link):

  1. Agree to a different methodology for Retroactive Funding for a couple months (2 or 3)
  2. Create / Update docs to support interim process
  3. Reflect on process effectiveness
  4. Determine to continue with interim process, rollback to prior process, implement a different interim process

Do you have suggestions of different methodologies you would be using here?

What do you think are good ways to measure success (and compare with current approach)?

The current process / workflow for retroactive funding that is currently being utilized is not “Web3 enabled” and is very manual.

I agree it is quite manual, (someone needs to open a thread and then prepare the snapshot votes and finally submit the onchain vote), but I actually think it is in fact very web3 because it lets the communicate organize itself and lets valuable contribution emerge rather than be “dictated”.

I (but this is really a personal opinion) am not sure this process does not work. I am in fact way more disappointed when I see people vote for themselves and for what I would qualify as “low value” contributions, but then again, that means the bar to collecting a large share of the governance tokens put up for retro-active funding is in fact pretty low.

This is part of my frustration. I replied to one of your “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE DAO!” comments in Discord on 14Feb2024 (links: my post | OP).


This feedback went unanswered.

HA! That I think where the confusion comes from. I am not sure I or (the core team) have an answer. It’s not like we have any control over this!

If you think this is a problem worth solving, solve it! You should not need me (or anyone on the core team’s approval…).

The only people you will need an approval from are the DAO members who will eventually need to vote onchain on your proposal for them to be executed. (and as you probably know already, I don’t have tokens myself and the core team does not have any delegated votes).