Reliability and Latency of Public Subgraphs

I need the subgraph as a data source or similar for eventual production use. However, I want to get off the ground ASAP and do an alpha by the end of Nov. So I’m sure I can get away with using the public subgraph for now, but not sure about the long term. I do have the code I need for direct RPC calls but it is so many calls that I’ll eventually need to index anyway.

My question is: Is the subgraph a production solution? If so, is using the public ones a production solution?

What has been your experience with the Unlock subgraphs?
Have you had any issues with availability?
What sort of load have you thrown at them and how did they perform?
Is there any general yuck factor for developers about the subgraphs?

Yes, The subgraph is a production solution. Now, like everything in this space, it’s still quite early and things will change, but we have been using them ourselves on the dashboard for almost 2 years at this point.