Retroactive Funding December 2023

Dear community,

It is time to reward members of the Unlock community who you think created the most value in the last month for the protocol and its community!

You have until December 9th to submit yourself or anyone’s address. After that, all token holders will have 8 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting) on these addresses. When you submit someone, please include their Discord handle.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will be receiving their share of the 100 UDT allocated.

Please share their Discord handle and addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded for their involvement during the month. Examples and pointers to participation are encouraged in the “why.” Examples and pointers help others in the community understand the context for the nomination.

Reminder: The rewards will be sent to the members through the DAO (Tally).

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I want to nominate Blahkheart for his continues contributions.

Her wallet is: 0xCA7632327567796e51920F6b16373e92c7823854



I want to nominate myself Rwalls#6573 for my contributions in my social media (Twitter) promoting Unlock posts.

My wallet: 0x5523bc3B21f3f802ae995d7201Ce3b66C1e00bF6


You can see some of the most active individuals in the community on the Locksmith Leaderboard. The Locksmith Leaderboard highlights active members of the Unlock Protocol community. Through participating via design, development, helping others in the community, sharing the Unlock Protocol story, and many other ways, Locksmiths are the core of Unlock Protocol and help propel the project forward.


Hi, with @julien prompting me in Discord, I’d like to nominate myself for helping with community/discord engagement and sharing of info for furthering Unlock DAOs efforts and partnering GreenPill Network up with Unlock Protocol for their Grants Stack Training (issuing credentials)

discord - @lanzdingz
wallet - 0xaa3600788b72863ff51c8f0db5f10bb65fbfeab4


Hi all I’d like to nominate our DAO for the work we’ve done with Unlock so far. As we continue building more upon what we’ve initially built and applying the protocol to more of our projects we would like to be considered for the retroactive grant program.

Here is what we have built using Unlock so far:

Discord: thecreative.eth
Wallet: thecreative.eth


Hi, I would like to nominate kryptokessler,

during the past 9 months, he was highly active to promote Unlock Protocol through out Germany. You may know him from unlock/issues/11714

This effort failed, but not for the lack of trying. During the past couple of months we built an extensive library, which you can check out here: webweek AI - Google Drive

kryptokessler took part in several weekly twitter calls and sought to find a real world use case to apply Unlock Protocol with a small team of changing supporters in a tough market: Deutschland - Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich for all things NFTs.

During EthMunich, back in summer, we created a 5 step program to help setting up scalable Web3 infrastructure idea together, which demonstrated where Unlock Protocol would fit in with a community organized event series, where hackers need to apply. We won a bounty from Starknet and Munich’s Pretzel DAO for that and kryptokessler put out this post:

Rewarding kryptokessler for his consistent effort of building real-world use cases on Unlock Protocol as a local “Unlock Evangelist” would help a positive voice becoming more active in the UDT-verse.

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I would like to nominate myself for retroactive funding for evangelizing Unlock in other communities, doing some training sessions with a few new devs and sharing Unlock on socials.


Note to @ccarfi I’m not currently showing up on the leaderboard because I’m probably still marked staff. Would you kindly fix that for next month.