Retroactive Funding February 2024

Dear community,

It is time to reward members of the Unlock community who you think created the most value in the last month for the protocol and its community!

You have until February 9th to submit yourself or anyone’s address. After that, all token holders will have 8 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting) on these addresses. When you submit someone, please include their Discord handle.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will be receiving their share of the 100 UDT allocated.

Please share their Discord handle and addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded for their involvement during the month. Examples and pointers to participation are encouraged in the “why.” Examples and pointers help others in the community understand the context for the nomination.

Reminder: The rewards will be sent to the members through the DAO (Tally).


I want to nominate Blahkheart for his continues contributions.

Her wallet is: 0xCA7632327567796e51920F6b16373e92c7823854


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I want to nominate for their activity last month in the groups:

lana - 0xaa3600788b72863ff51c8f0db5f10bb65fbfeab4
stellaachenbach - 0xD2BC5cb641aE6f7A880c3dD5Aee0450b5210BE23
wonderwomancode - 0xFf4eC2057A4180A4Cd18FDEA144e53245e39869D

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I want to nominate myself Rwalls#6573 for my contributions in my social media (Twitter) promoting Unlock posts.

My wallet: 0x5523bc3B21f3f802ae995d7201Ce3b66C1e00bF6


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It was suggested that I apply for retroactive funding for my contributions to building the DAOs new structure and ongoing conversations, and social media reposts of Unlock meetings and updates.

My wallet: Captainsouthpaw.eth / 0xED59e0fB105F003e508A1f59Fe9F4AE5a755BDeD
Discord handle: Captainsouthpaw


Yes I was going to nominate you - so I endorse your self-nomination :joy:

Also for your work trying to get the ethCC puzzlehunt off the ground for the DAO



I want to nominate @David-Moderator for their contributions to the community in proposal management and follow-up.

Discord Handle: (David-Moderator)
Wallet Address: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5


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I would like to nominate myself for the February retroactive funding for building the frame related to signatureless NFT drop to the user’s wallet.

Live test link: Warpcast

Github link: GitHub - Ramitphi/frames-new

Wallet address: 0x905040585A59C5B0E83Be2b247fC15a81FF4E533

Discord handle: ramitphi

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Since the proposal was already sent to Snapshot for a vote we will have to move you over to next months round. I’m making myself a note to nominate you then so you dont miss out. Thanks for your work on this!

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No worries, thanks for the consideration.