Retroactive funding, January 2022

We may have started another year, but we’ll keep doing the right things! Please nominate community members who you think have made a difference in January 2022.

Please share their addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded!


I nominate @LittleFortunes for her relentlessness and perseverance with her Tales of Elatora project. As well as being a super active member of the NFT community in general.

Her ETH address is littlefortunes.eth (0x83CE088FF9A2491163a95449362DA0628307d339)


I nominate @JEA this month!
I’ve watched first hand as he built the ETHAnglia community from scratch, got both Polygon and Ethereum Foundation involved, launched a kick-off event with Unlock ticketing, signed 10 people up to a coding bootcamp, invited in VCs to talk with teams, acquired Unlock advocate speakers for Nordev conference and a bunch more stuff:

His ETH address is: 0x95525F6B799268c5ebe23daF1b44DE40cCF74Ec5


I will nominate myself @Muhammadmusaab for being an active promotor of Unlock Protocol on Twitter and other social platforms
Address 0x224de3b8D173956f702B72b8de6dc070C3EFD603


Thank you everyone for voting for me at the previous retroactive funding. :pray:
On the technical side I cannot contribute, I have too little knowledge for that, but I do try to understand what is being developed, I also follow as much as possible to get the best possible picture and to process it in visuals.
Where possible I will try to contribute as a graphic designer for designing visuals to promote Unlock on social media. For that I need the help of locksmiths who can give me substantive input for a possible visual for something that needs to be promoted.
That is why I would like to nominate myself @CarloZelf again for the contribution I try to make to the promotion of Unlock protocol. Adress: 0x08A5678b176FBDb6C8b917ebB4922B4979F5324c
Every small contribution from an individual can lead to something big for everyone together💪


I would like to nominate myself (@David-Moderator) for my contribution to the project from the day I met him. I have made small contributions and have proposed some ideas.

My wallet: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5

Best regards


Hello everyone,

I would like to nominate @Muhammadmusaab. He is an active advocate of the unlock protocol project, in my opinion he will be the rightful recipient of retroactive funding round for the month of Jan 2022.

He does the project promotion on different social forms since he truly believes in the value that unlock protocol will bring in.


Abdur Rehman

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Thanks you so much Henry for the nomination, really humbled by the kind words. The fact my awesome meme spree didn’t even get a mention, means I should probably stick to the knitting.

Thank you for all the likes, and to the team and community, for the awesome protocol that has made the ticketing, founder tokens and that “more” bit we have in mind possible.


Voting is no open!

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