Retroactive Funding July 2023

Dear community,

It is time to reward members of the Unlock community who you think created the most value in the last month for the protocol and its community!

You have until July 9th to submit yourself or anyone’s address. After that, all token holders will have 7 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting) on these addresses. When you submit someone, please include their Discord handle.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will be receiving their share of the 100 UDT allocated.

Please share their Discord handle and addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded for their involvement during the month. Examples and pointers to participation are encouraged in the “why.” Examples and pointers help others in the community understand the context for the nomination.

Reminder: From this month the rewards will be sent to the members through the DAO (Tally).



I want to nominate Blahkheart for his continues contributions.

Her wallet is: 0xCA7632327567796e51920F6b16373e92c7823854



Hi :slight_smile:

I want to nominate myself Rwalls#6573 for my contributions in my social media (Twitter) promoting Unlock posts.

My wallet: 0x5523bc3B21f3f802ae995d7201Ce3b66C1e00bF6




I want to nominate Foskaay#1594 for his contributions.

Wallet: 0x7B6DDE23a733D7a2BBb36258C03BEf796276eBa9



Hey everyone, I want to nominate @David-Moderator for his contributions to the community on the governance front in the month of June.
Discord Handle: andreugm (David-Moderator)
Wallet Address: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5


Locksmith Leaderboard June 2023

The Locksmith Leaderboard highlights active members of the Unlock Protocol community. Through participating via design, development, helping others in the community, sharing the Unlock Protocol story, and many other ways, Locksmiths are the core of Unlock Protocol and help propel the project forward.

The most visible places where Locksmiths engage with the project and each other are on Github (adding issues, submitting pull requests, creating projects that integrate Unlock), on Twitter (sharing and mentioning Unlock Protocol in their social media activities), and in the project Discord (responding to and answering question threads). The Leaderboard also attempts to capture longevity of participation in the community, as well as consistency of participation over time.

You can read more on The Locksmith Leaderboard page on Notion.

We hope the Locksmith Leaderboard can give you some visibility into the breadth and depth of individuals who are active in the Unlock Protocol community and provide some context as you are making your nominations for retroactive funding. Like everything, the Leaderboard and the retroactive funding process will evolve over time.

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I would like to nominate Miro R. from Ucollect[dot]me for retroactive funding — actively building with Unlock Protocol! Ucollect[dot]me is a decentralized community platform where individuals reclaim control over their communities, data, and revenue streams. More at

Can see more from Miro in the Unlock Discord at:

discord: miroblocks
wallet: 0x931CA6cA8Ee89edc371720880581377aEb62E10C


I would like to nominate Sally_H for retroactive funding. Sally has been incredibly active in the Unlock Discord, and is building a recurring revenue -based resource using Unlock Protocol at

discord: sally_h
wallet: (wallet address to come)


Topic Closed!

Wallet: Sal1y.eth