Retroactive Funding July 2024

Dear DAO Members,

It is time to reward members of the Unlock community who you think created the most value in the last month for the protocol and its community!

You have until July 15th to submit yourself or anyone’s address with the new guidelines in mind:

  • Please avoid nominating yourself if possible.
  • If you nominate yourself, please submit evidence of your contribution via a URL, on-chain evidence or an image/ screenshot
  • Please nominate one or more people from the community to acknowledge their contributions and provide reason as to why you are nominating them.
  • If you were nominated, please make sure to add your evidence to the thread
  • The DAO’s Timelock address should always be added in case people think that the total amount should not be spent in a month.

After that, all token holders will have 8 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting) on these addresses. When you submit someone, please include their Discord handle.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will get their share of the 100 UDT allocated.

Reminder: The rewards will be sent to the members through the DAO (Tally Platform).

Hi there,

earlier time zone earlier responsibilities :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest the following members:

  • CryptoWitch - 0x968dcB921A822643Fa28CCa5f4CF6034399ab40e
    Contributions to the Charmverse space
  • CaptainSouthPaw - 0xED59e0fB105F003e508A1f59Fe9F4AE5a755BDeD
    Contributions to the WG Finance & Resources
    Investigative work concerning the Unlock DAO Vision and Mission
  • PostArchitekt - 0x4846162806B025Dcd0759cACF9ec6F9474274282
    Contributions to the WG Finance & Resources
  • Blahkheart - 0xCA7632327567796e51920F6b16373e92c7823854
    Contributions to the WG Finance & Resources
    Investigation on further technical integrations with the Gitcoin Passport and others
  • 0xNestor - 0x7Fd4eD1b927E8ccBaF8174F66e20aAFDa99fdb61
    Contribution for the gated Farcaster Channel initiaitve
  • wonderwomancode - 0xFf4eC2057A4180A4Cd18FDEA144e53245e39869D
    For her support of some of the grant seekers we had during the past month


I would like to nominate myself - setting up round 2 of the Arbitrum x Unlock retro funding, promoting Unlock on Farcaster and Twitter, general DAO work, reviewing proposals/giving feedback and being an active delegate voting onchain