Retroactive funding, November 2021

I would like to nominate myself, for the retroactive funding, as I have been active in discord, discussing different ideas with the team, and I try to help fellow community members as much as I can with my limited knowledge and experience, as I will acquire more skills and knowledge with time, I would like to share it with the community too.

Also, I have been active in the unlock community discourse, to give my inputs on some of the proposals and threads in the community, also recently I started a thread named "FAQs for development " which will help the new people to use unlock protocol more efficiently and effortlessly.

Lastly , I have also contributed to the GitHub repo of unlock , for adding the FAQs on the main website ,

I think these, actions will lower the entry barrier for the new developers to use the Unlock Protocol, and it will help the community to grow faster.


PS : "This ain’t much , but it’s honest work "

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I would also like to nominate @henryhoffman

He is been active in the developer channel to help people with queries related to using Unlock Protocol. It helps to reduce the friction, due to which people are able to execute their ideas faster


Address : 0xde22DE740609532FC0F48287b7F258776bE814FD


I would like to nominate @David-Moderator for his generous payment of $30,000 to BitBoy for the UDT educational video.


Hello!! :raising_hand_man:

I would like to nominate myself (@David-Moderator) for my contribution to the project from the day I met him. I have made small contributions and have proposed some ideas.

Report a security bug about the email.

Perform a small audit of the exposed risk on the assets exposed to the Internet of Unlock.

The biggest contribution was paying 30,000$ of my pocket for Bitboy Video and getting the boost the project needed to reach more creators, influencers …

I will continue to contribute as I love this project and I know that all you need is everyone’s help to get very far.

My wallet: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5


I nominate @David-Moderator for his generous payment to BitBoy :+1:


I nominate @David-Moderator for helping the protocol doing marketing of it, i think he deserve to be the most voted guy for the first 3 months of retroactive funding.


I nominate @David-Moderator for helping the protocol and the community.

I think the same as jrsec and I think the first 3 months should be for David for his own investment for the Bitboy video.


I nominate @David-Moderator for his investment


I vote for @David-Moderator and @Sarah for their relentless work in the Discord lobby!

As an aside, I don’t think this should be used to reimburse David, as the purpose is to reward for community work done in November. I believe the DAO should reimburse in full (with interest?), and David has done enough community work in November to warrant this on top of the reimbursement.

David: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5
Sarah: 0x9fb2653b94f1b2eee93c2e3429112727559ca2c2


In an ideal world it would be great @henryhoffman but in the real world it took months to reach the quorum (not even reach yet and i think it will take long to do if we not get x2 our tokens) and we have even lost voting power from the current holders to the new ones who seized tokens in a disadvantaged situation.
David made a large investment from his own portfolio so it must be returned as soon as possible (30k is an annual salary in most countries).
I highly encourage everyone to give the funds back to David first with the retroactive funding, we will have time later to give funds to all other contributors. It’s just 3 months to return all to David.


I nominate myself @CarloZelf because I could use some extra udt🤡

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I would like to nominate David and the myself with the whole Matic News team with the members that invested in it , for the retroactive funding.

David is always active to help new comers, perform a small audit of the exposed risk on the assets exposed to the Internet of Unlock.
The biggest contribution was paying 30,000$ for the Bitboy review on YouTube.

On my side, I have shared Unlock Protocol for the first in Polygon as designer of Matic.News Telegram: Contact @polygonnews . I’ve also been supporting the community that invested before the hack moment. I have also joined with the account to the Unlock space, but I think this is something important that all believers should always do. I have also been active in the telegram group discussing different ideas to recover from the hack. I hope to soon host an AMA with Julien on the MaticNews telegram group to help bring in some more new investors to the community. I’ve also shared this token and the benefits of this project with my team and have already brought in investors this way. I will share in case some UDT will be sent with the admins that invested in the protocol posting the tx in the public chat.

David: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5

MaticNews redistribution address:



I will nominate @Muhammadmusaab for November 2021, Retroactive funding. He is an active advocate of this project, and promotes UDT on different social media platforms.

His address is;

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I would like to nominate @Muhammadmusaab since he is very passionate about UDT.

His address is


Thank you for the support :relaxed:

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Thanks for the appreciation :relaxed:

I would like to nominate @MaticNews for their contributions over the time of development up to now.

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0x9fb2653b94f1b2eee93c2e3429112727559ca2c2 => 5.12
0x905040585A59C5B0E83Be2b247fC15a81FF4E533 => 1.05
0x224de3b8D173956f702B72b8de6dc070C3EFD603 => 0.85
0xd16F28e4Fd4568451dbB14011c3569871fCf0DE9 => 0.17
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