Retroactive Funding - Subgraph Documentation

Hello, I am looking to submit for a grant in the amount of $300 for one time contribution to your docs page to help document your subgraph with the graph. Attached is the PR link to Github where I submitted the work to be merged. I also attached link to medium article that shows prior examples of other projects that I have helped.

I have completed the work under your previous grant process with Wonderverse prior to New Years and it must have fell to the way side. Please let me know if I can apply for retroactive grant.

Github PR link unlock-protocol/docs#250 (comment)

Final product here - Subgraph | Unlock Protocol





Wonderverse link

Discord handle


Completion time

Already completed and submitted under wonderverse


Just myself as a team

Requested grant amount

300 UDT

Hi @PaulieB14 — thanks for posting and thanks for contributing! We’ll take a look. Thanks for the heads-up!