Retroactive Grant for NFT Ticketing at FILBangalore2023

We at Huddle01 organised FILBangalore event in december month which had a rolling crowd of 2000+ participants.
We minted the NFT tickets for the event powered by Unlock Protocol, it was deployed on the arbitrum.
Here are some stats for the keys minted

We would want to apply for arbitrum retrospective grants for the same.

Amount for grant: 8000 ARB tokens
Wallet for the fund: 0xc27C6A2Ffb76210ABBb96e3BB28a2901b398C3e4

some imaages from the event

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing all of the above!
Could you provide us with more insights on what else you did to actively promote the use of Unlock Protocol during the event and maybe some more qualitative data on engagement?


During the event we dropped the NFTs in their XMTP DMs

In the announcement posts Unlock was tagged and specified as our ticketing partner, which gave brand a due visibility.

Tweet link

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Hi there @phitrone,

Thank you for sharing the additional information above. I also posted the answer below into Discord to discuss further how to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
Please correct me if any of the following doesnโ€™t apply, and I was mistaken about it:

  • You provided ticketing via Unlock Protocol during FILBangalore in 2023.
  • You used Unlock Protocol as it is and didnโ€™t build anything on top of it.
  • You sent out email notifications to the minters but didnโ€™t implement a clear call to action for other companies or users to use Unlock Protocol for their ticketing in the future.
  • The lock was minted 2300 times.
  • You executed two posts mentioning Unlock Protocol with a reach of 4.5k, 8 comments, 15 shares, and 77 likes on Twitter, where you have roughly 16k followers.

If all of the above is correct, your support is very similar to that of an influencer. Here are the criteria under which this could be reviewed:

  • Using one social media platform to promote and having between 10k to 50k followers makes your account equal to that of a micro-influencer
  • Since Twitter has a lot of noise (chatter), it is one of the platforms that has the lowest rate of influencing.
  • The reach and engagement of the posts would be categorized as low since they are under 10k and serve in the same niche as Unlock Protocol itself.

Factoring in all of the above, I see two possible solutions:

  • Number 1: The DAO grants you a reward for utilizing Unlock Protocol of a moderate range and rewards the two posts each with the standard rate that lies between 20 - 100 USD/ per post (factoring in the above) - I would suggest an extraordinary (and generous) reward outside of retroactive funding that we could issue of approx. 40UDT
  • Number 2: You restructure your proposal in a way that the DAO can issue a grant, meaning you build something exciting on top of Unlock Protocol that will benefit your project and Unlock at the same time.
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I echo what @stellaachenbach is suggesting.

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I assume, I put it in wrong category.
It should be part of the QF retrospective round that we are planning to launch soon, is my understanding right ?