Suscription Farming

GM everyone! i had an idea that i think can be supercool for the protocol/token/creators! Let me detail everything (it will be helpful to get feedbacks from tech viewpoint and also users of the protocol):

What’s that concept?
As cryptousers know uniswap is famous because they allow to create pools and get LP tokens (you create a pair eth/udt for example) and users are able to trade in that pool and add liquidity into it.
How that can be integrated to unlock protocol?
We have a great pair that can be used for pools! UDT+Suscriptions (nfts).
And how that will work?
Basically that way will incentivate to lock for a time your suscription and udts to get rewards, depending in how many tokens you lock and suscriptions the % of “farming” increase.
Why that?
Basically we incentivate 2 things: Users will buy memberships! so they will use the protocol, help creators and not only that they will keep their suscriptions active in order to farm. And also they will lock their UDTs (that means they will need to get some udts - using the protocol or in the decentralized markets or building and getting grants).
Is that safe?
From the start is not safe, as you can create memberships that are not ‘official’ and just farm yourself. So my idea is that via DAO we aprove the farms that are allowed to be used in that system and in a monthly base we decide if they can still be on or off.
Isn’t that a mega inflation system?
Taking pancakeswap as an example, when an user withdraw rewards from the pools a % of the tokens is burned, so we will be reducing the supply. Also we can create a system of biddings in a future where projects can get UDTs in order to list their memberships in a farm.
How you will lock the membership?
I think the best way will be locks per months! so then we ensure that we keep the suscriptions at least 1 month each time.

Happy to hear feedbacks about that and to see if we can work with that base together!