Unlock contributor meetup videos!

On Wednesday, May 12 (UTC 17:00), Unlock hosted its first bi-weekly developer meet-up. We had the opportunity to brainstorm the development and extension of the Unlock protocol with community members from at least seven different countries (and timezones!): Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, China, and the USA.

An exciting range of uses and implementations for Unlock were discussed. We were joined by video game developers (including virtual reality!), bot developers, and streaming services developers (for example, gamers wishing to monetize their gaming via donations or musicians interested in receiving payments for their art via cryptocurrencies).

We were joined by people in many timezones and discussed a lot of interesting things:

  • the upcoming transition to Discord
  • the unlock subgraphs
  • unlock.js
  • Swagger (we should try to build an integration!)
  • credit card payment API
  • side chains, layer 2
  • gaming
  • decentraland
  • hardware integrations
  • hackathon (one before summer!)
  • DAO

And more!

Want to join the next one? every other wednesday at 1pm ET!