Unlock Discourse plugin

Make your Discourse topics accessible through NFT access

The Unlock Discourse plugin let you lock topics behind the Unlock paywall. Your discourse members have to buy your NFT or receive it via an airdrop to access topics from locked categories.


Documentation :

1. How to create a lock (Ethereum, rinkeby, xDai)

You can also create a lock backed by any ERC20 token : Creating a Lock for a custom ERC20 token

2. How to install the plugin
3. How to configure the plugin
4. How to customize the unlocked users profiles

About :

Github repo : GitHub - camillebesse/discourse-unlock
Authors : Camille Besse & Zogstrip
Support : You can ask all your question on the #dev category or on the Discord dev channel.


You could try to unlock this topic : Introducing the DAO

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