Unlock Protocol Non-EVM Blockchain Integration Proposal

Fellow Locksmiths,

I got a quick opportunity that we all can analyze to see how it could help expand our Unlock Protocol DAO community simply by increasing the exposure to the protocol itself on Non-EVM Blockchains.

No doubt, the Unlock Protocol has made its undeniable positive impact/mark in enabling creators on EVM Blockchains (Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Gnosis etc.) to get back control of their community by turning from a just view-based monetization model (which is flawed) to a membership-based monetization model (making small creators get rewarded by their community in a way that commensurates with their effort and quality contents and not just based on the number of views which has led to less quality in contents creation by creators).

The Problem

There are a lot of Non-EVM Blockchains out there that need the NFT as Membership/Ticketing that Unlock Protocol offers but the focus for this proposal is Flow Blockchain.

The Flow Blockchain community is growing rapidly with new onboard account/wallet users doubling in the last 6months even in the midst of the heartbreaking DoKwon-SBFish (lol :rofl: :upside_down_face: :smiling_face_with_tear:) bear market to hitting ATH of over 5 million account/wallets.

That’s small compared to ETH (200Million+ wallets) but it’s huge for a Layer1 Blockchain that is just about 2years+ old and made it Mainnet permissionless just about 4 months ago (opening it up to developers and creators)

As the Flow community grows, there is a growing need for NFT token-gating protocols by devs and creators.

Our Opportunity

Who else is a perfect fit to help the Flow growing community to solve this NFT token-gating challenge if not our community with its underlying battle-tested NFT as Membership/Ticketing Unlock Protocol?

We have got the experience, the proof, the best team, and a united community to be the Heroes (as we have always done on EVM Blockchains for over 5years) to save the Flow land with our creator-friendly, low/no-code NFT token gating protocol.

This is a match made from heaven :100: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Flow Blockchain is ready to give grants to support any dev/platform that can solve this NFT token-gating challenge for the Flow ecosystem

The Proposed Implementation

If we can all agree that there exists a problem in the Flow Blockchain ecosystem (as aforementioned above), it is an opportunity for us to expand to Non-EVM Blockchains. Then, we also need to come to the reality of the technical challenges of going across the EVM border.

EVM Blockchains are united with a single Smart Contract Programming Language known as SOLIDITY which is the core development language of Unlock Protocol smart contracts like the Lock factory producing individual lock contracts when deployed by devs/creators as it stands now.

Whereas, Flow uses a new Smart Contract Programming Language known as CADENCE which is certain none of our current Unlock core devs team are familiar with as they do with Solidity.

Thus, I suggest making things easier:

There exist a Cadence web3 developers DAO in the Flow ecosystem (Emerald DAO) that could be of help working with our existing dev team to make the integration easier and faster.

What We Will Miss

This is Web3 and things are moving fast day by day. The opportunity is there today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow.

Since there exist grants to support the implementation and a community of cadence developers to tap into. It seems to me (as I seek to hear the community’s view as well) that this is an opportunity to cross over the Non-EVM border and expand Unlock Protocol to where it is urgently needed now as the Unlock community seeks to expand in 2023 and beyond.

Doing this will give Unlock Protocol the first-mover advantage in the Flow community that i wish we do not miss out. With time competitors will arise but being there first and being the best is hard to beat for the foreseeable future.

The End Result

It will be a win-win for both Unlock Protocol community and the Flow community…+Web3 community as a whole.

What Is Your Take On This? Kindly add your view/voice as a comment below.



Founder dProgrammingUniversity


As the Author of this proposal, I have affiliation with some of the above-mentioned platforms in the following capacity. Though have tried my best to be unbiased in my approach to ensure the best of the Unlock community is of top priority in this proposal.
1) Ambassador of Flow Blockchain (was among few selected mid-November 2022 from 3,000+ applicants)
2) An Academy Instructor at Emerald DAO Academy (May 2022 till date)
3) Unlock Protocol DAO Community Member/Contributor (December 2021 till date)


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