Updated roadmap

Gm! We’re now mid-summer and, I wanted to post an updated roadmap for the end of the year!
First, I want to highlight how much the team shipped in 2022 already, especially as the team grew by 5 new members in 2022!

Our focus until the end of the year will be on several fronts.

On the core protocol and smart contract level, we will focus on 2 big aspects:

  • multi-chain: it is clear that the blockchain ecosystem will be “multi-chain”. At Unlock we have already embraced it by deploying the core protocol on 6 production networks (Celo annonced today!), and more to come. That said, this increases complexity for the protocol users. If a lock is deployed on Polygon and my wallet is configured on Gnosis Chain, as a user, I have to bridge tokens from a chain to another, creating increased complexity, room of user error and exposes me (or the lock manager) to hacks. We want to add the ability for the protocol to support a scenario where the user “pays on a chain” and receives the NFT on another chain. Security will be paramount and one way to reduce risk is to prevent funds from traveling/being held on a bridge.
  • Protocol fees: as the protocol grows in usage and adoption, one of the important goals is to make the protocol sustainable. We want to introduce a mechanism where the protocol itself will take a nomincal fee on every transaction on every chain. At first the fee will be 0% but can be changed by governance decision at any point!
  • Move to Uniswap v3. The Unlock contract uses a v2 oracle. We will need to move to v3 for security as well as an improved API.

Locksmith: as you know this is our backend service. It is in charge of multiple things, including user accounts, credit card payments and metadata hosting. We intend on refactoring some of the APIs to use our new SIWE-based authentication paths and remove dead-code.

Full refactored dashboard. One the new checkout has been fully launched, we will focus on the new dashbaord. This new dashboard will provide a much smoother interface where creators can deploy locks, upgrade them, change settings, but also build checkout URL, configure metadata collection, as well as manage members in a single simple UI!

Of course, as always we will also work on bug fixing as well as occasional feature launch too!

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Excellent read :clap:
I would like to see more use-cases for Unlock tokens. Here is an idea, perhaps @julien and the Unlock team can create an e-commerce gift card shop ( visa or mastercard ). Where users can buy debitcard with Unlock Gov tokens for online shopping with a small fees. It will go like HOT cakes. Portions of the fees generates will get added to the Unlock token liquidity lets say 50% and 50% will be spent on upkeep of the system and administration. Not sure if this is something Unlock community would be interested in. I think it would be great.