With a project fully built on top of Unlock, how can we earn more UDT?

I鈥檓 Miro, the founder of Ucollect.me and our project is fully based on the Unlock Protocol.

We received 300 UDT from Unlock鈥檚 grant: Ucollect.me 路 Issue #12194 路 unlock-protocol/unlock 路 GitHub, and as we are fully dependent on Unlock鈥檚 ecosystem, we somehow need to be more involved in the DAO and their decisions as they directly affect our project.

But how can we earn more UDT with our project?

While we are developing new features and building and expanding our project, we are also promoting the usage of Unlock Protocol, specifically to new users.

On the one hand, I understand that the primary goal of Unlock DAO is to increase the adoption of the protocol. On the other hand, our goal is to facilitate the usage of the protocol by building the best UI/UX possible. I see a win-win solution here.

I also see that another project provides grants for building specific ideas, and maybe this could also work for projects like ucollect.me building on unlock.

Just as an example:

  • deeper integration with XY unlock feature 鈫 XXX UDT
  • developing a front end for NFT Ticketing using Unlock Protocol 鈫 YYY UDT
  • creating 1k mints using unlock 鈫 ZZZ UDT.

What do you think about this?