Your Vision for 2022

We’re curious what everyone’s big vision is for 2022 for web3, Unlock and for your own personal journey in the web3 space. Please tell us below about your vision and where you see yourself in December 2022 & include your public ETH address!

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We have started a DAO to provide smart contract auditing, safety ratings and due-diligence for smaller web3 community who can’t spend a lot of cash on auditing. We will provide affordable options. In the ever growing Web3 ecosystem, safety and security should be at the heart of all platforms.

We will offer wide range of services including:

Smart Contract Auditing │Safety Rating │Due-diligence
Smart Contract creation ( all standards )
Web3 platform creation │Websites creation
Platform integration │Decentralised App creation
Tokenomics Analysis │Dapp Architecture
Promotion / Advertising & Marketing.

We are ready to provide any web3 related support for Startups / Established Projects

Service Request form Link

My personal goal would be invite people to join our mission and build a community to build a better and transparent world !!

Medium Page: White Hat DAO Introduction. Welcome to White Hat DAO. A… | by White Hat DAO | Jan, 2022 | Medium

ENS : Whitehatdao.eth

We hope that we get some support from web3 community. We are looking to apply for grants.
Thank you all.


We are currently developing an NFT for a niche of healthcare professionals that will serve as a membership to gain access to exclusive in person events, continuing education, and discounted services that they rely on. Our goal is to unite the global community towards their profession, in a way that fosters networking, education, and efficiency that has been made difficult against large corporate conglomerates.

The unlock protocol has allowed us to expand our horizons and implement features we didn’t know were possible.

Public ETH Address:


I’m in the process of building an Incubating Venture DAO for Metaverse and Web3 startups. We are currently in the process of putting together quite a few projects that we will help incubate while at the same time, getting ready for a raise. I’ve been pulling all-nighters to get the whitepaper, deck and litepaper ready to go - and at the same time, taking calls from potential investors.

We are going to ETHDenver this year - we hope to see you gus there! I want to get an Unlock Hoodie and an NFT when they come out!

ETH Address: 0xdd6cd545f4d75f1c42229b8c1dfb9df49d3d9a5c


I have a mission to mint at least 1Million Web3 Developers on or before 2024 when Web3 will be officially going mainstream.

And I intend to do it with 100% FREE to access Web3 Programming Courses to onboard new and existing Web2 dev into Web3 development which will help grow Web3 adoption (The more builders, the more adoption).

Have started already in the last quarter of 2019 and based on students feedbacks I am currently putting together courses that take people from zero knowledge in Programming to Pro in Web3 by releasing at least 1 Course Monthly starting the end of January 2022, will be releasing:

Proposed dProgrammingUniversity Web3 Course Roadmap 2022

Though everyone wants to build the next Axies infinity NFT game and more but have discovered a lot joining the community are a novice to Programming concepts.

Thus, the option am thinking of is to start from scratch and build up from there so any newbie can start from there before moving to advanced like Smart Contract Development, NFT game etc.

Feel free to share your view and suggest courses you wish to see added but not here and where they should be slotted in…

They are arranged according to how I felt it should be learnt based on my experience but can adjust if the community so desire

:point_right:HTML for Web3 Development (for dApp Frontend)
:point_right:CSS for Web3 Development (for dApp Frontend)
:point_right:Javascript for Web3 Development (for dApp Frontend/Backend)
CommandLine Interface
:point_right:Git and Github (fork, clone repos)
:point_right:React for Web3 Development (for dApp Frontend)
:point_down:WordPress for Web3 Development (for dApp Frontend/Backend)
:point_right:Unlock Protocol 101 & 201 with WordPress [This is still subject to Unlock Grant Approval]
:point_right:Web3js for Web3 Development || Ethers.js
:point_right:Smart Contract Development (Solidity series)
:point_right:Hyperverse 301
:point_right:Smart Contract Forks (Safemoom, ShibaInu etc)
:point_right:NFT game development
Others to be added later

The Platform Offers all Web3 Programming Courses 100% FREE

  • Free Certification
  • Free Community Support
  • Student Earn Crypto While Learning
  • Anyone can apply to create Free Web3 Courses and Earn Crypto Too


WALLET: dprogramminguniversity.wallet