Locksmith Leaderboard for May 2023

The Locksmith Leaderboard highlights active members of the Unlock Protocol community. Through participating via design, development, helping others in the community, sharing the Unlock Protocol story, and many other ways, Locksmiths are the core of Unlock Protocol and help propel the project forward.

The most visible places where Locksmiths engage with the project are on Github (adding issues, submitting pull requests, integrating Unlock into their projects), on Twitter (sharing and mentioning Unlock Protocol in their social media activities), and in the project Discord (responding to and answering question threads). The Leaderboard also attempts to capture longevity of participation in the community, as well as consistency of participation over time.

Here’s is the Locksmith Leaderboard for May, 2023.

NOTE: Per Orbit, β€œTwitter imports are suspended due to recent Twitter API changes.” In other words, we’re not able to integrate Twitter activity from the community because of the, ahem, changes over at Twitter that have occurred recently. You can read more about how Orbit is addressing this here: https://orbit.canny.io/changelog/changes-to-orbits-twitter-integrations