Retroactive Funding Jun 2023

Dear community,

It is time to reward members of the Unlock community who you think created the most value in the last month for the protocol and its community!

You have until Jun 9th to submit yourself or anyone’s address. After that, all token holders will have 7 days to vote (using Snapshot’s gas-less voting) on these addresses. When you submit someone, please include their Discord handle.

Anyone who receives more than 1% of the quadratic votes will be receiving their share of the 100 UDT allocated.

Please share their Discord handle and addresses and why you think they deserve to be retro-actively funded for their involvement during the month. Examples and pointers to participation are encouraged in the “why.” Examples and pointers help others in the community understand the context for the nomination.

Reminder: From this month the rewards will be sent to the members through the DAO (Tally).

Locksmith Leaderboard for May 2023

More info: Locksmith Leaderboard for May 2023


I want to nominate Blahkheart for his continues contributions.

Her wallet is: 0xCA7632327567796e51920F6b16373e92c7823854



Hi again :slight_smile:

I want to nominate myself Rwalls#6573 for my contributions in my social media (Twitter) promoting Unlock posts.

My wallet: 0x5523bc3B21f3f802ae995d7201Ce3b66C1e00bF6



I want to nominate Foskaay#1594 for his contributions this month.

Wallet: 0x7B6DDE23a733D7a2BBb36258C03BEf796276eBa9


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Thanks :+1:

I would like to nominate myself MuhammadMusaab#8328
for actively promoting Unlock Protocol in my community and social media.