Retro-active funding, first lessons!

All in all, I believe the retro-active funding campaign we led in December for the month of November worked pretty well! Thanks for everyone who participated, either by nominating someone or by voting.

Here are things we should improve:

  1. Participation. We got 7 “candidates”. I think that’s a good start, but I also believe a lot of people in the community could be more active and apply as candidates! 100 UDT is a significant “bounty” for anyone who is willing to contribute. Here are some simple ideas:
  • create memes!
  • get in touch with your favorite creators
  • help the Unlock team be on podcasts
  • help people on the lobby
  • report bugs, issues
  • re-share our work on social media
    … etc!
  1. Increase the turnout. We only had 36 votes (out of the 4400+ token holders!). This is pretty low. It is the candidates jobs to get votes and if they get more, well they would get a bigger share of the UDT retro-active funding. No matter we will distribute 100UDT per month, so go get these votes!

  2. Avoid “self nominations/votes”. It is pretty easy for someone to nominate themselves and vote for themselves, allowing them to easily grab a few fractions of UDT. This creates more work for the team while not really adding value to the community. Next month, we want to introduce a new rule: anyone who gets less than 1% of the votes would not get any UDT and the extra UDT (from all of the nominees with less than 1%) will be sent to the DAO. This should at least ensure that whoever receives tokens did get a few votes in their favor!

Any other lessons from you all?


Great points @julien ,
I would like to give my suggestions on these points

  • I think creating memes would be a great idea, maybe we can have separate channel for it on discord , or they can be posted in random channel only, meme completion can also be a other great thing to do in community ,as it gains attraction of new people

  • Will core team , be interested in having AMA with other project , I have one project in mind , with which we can have AMA , maybe I can reach out to them as I know some people from their project

  • One thing maybe candidate can do is retweeting it from their twitter
  • Great point, as I am done the same thing , about nominating myself and then voting for myself , I thought its fair to do , if one has done some significant contribution , but whole time I was unsure if its ethical or not , Now I think I have got my answer as it is unethical to do , so will take care of this from next time .

But I have a doubt related to this , what if a person has been contributing and no one nominates them for the retro-active funding , one solution I got is to allow self nominations but not self voting , this way person will be able to represent themselves and also it will avoid them from grabbing the funds by just voting for themselves , probably more people can give their view on it .

Oh people can self nominate (there is no way to actually know that the nominee and nominated person are different… because anyone can create Ethereum addresses. That is why it’s the voting that matters.

And if nobody nominates/votes for them then I assume this means they have not done something that is perceived valuable by the rest of the community.

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