Retroactive funding, December 2021

Like we did last month if you think someone should get some UDT for their work in the Unlock community in December, now is the time to nominate them by posting their address here (and why you think they deserve some UDT!).

Please only post each address once, voting will start on Snapshots on the 8th!

Also, we will apply a new rule based on last month’s feedback: only nominees who get at least 1% of the vote will receive tokens. This should exclude self-nominations!


I would like to nominate
Address: 0x224de3b8D173956f702B72b8de6dc070C3EFD603


I would like to nominate
Address: 0xeB85F308aD30dcD3Ce91096CBB5EE1af09e902Da for having been active in the community .

Hello!! :raising_hand_man:

I would like to nominate myself (@David-Moderator) for my contribution to the project from the day I met him. I have made small contributions and have proposed some ideas.

My wallet: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5



I would like to nominate @Muhammadmusaab since he is an active promoter of UDT.

His address



@Muhammadmusaab is an active promoter of UDT project. I would like to nominte him for the month of Jan 2022.

His address :

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Hello guys!

I want to nominate David again: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5

Happy new year.


I nominate myself again 0x08A5678b176FBDb6C8b917ebB4922B4979F5324c and I am curious if I will reach the 1% and show that it may be worthwhile to nominate yourself if you try to contribute as a very small fish. I also hope that eventually a solution will be found to satisfy the early investors with the enormous losses that have been made due to mistakes by the team to not properly secure their private keys.
I don’t know whether this solution should be extra funds or something else that can make these investors feel positive again, but for the time being, in my opinion, there is still a big challenge.
A lot of work is being done to increase the community, which will of course also be necessary, but as long as there is still no good feeling for many who have lost a lot, a lot of negaivity will now be brought in, which will have the opposite effect.
I am still careful to promote unlock and invite people for this reason.
I’m definitely confident in the future of Unlock, it’s a great project, but there’s a lot of negativity at the moment, I think it needs to be reversed to get the community positive again.
I actually miss this a bit, the first words after the dump were that everything would be done to get the price back to the level before the dump, only I don’t see that and I don’t mean the current rate, the price will go up automatically when the negative spiral is broken.
What I see is that the team is working hard to improve the protocol and take it to a higher level and thus reach a larger audience, thank you for that. :ok_hand:

I hope things can turn around for the better soon and that everyone in the community can proudly and passionately promote “Unlock” and make 2022 a great year. :crossed_fingers:

What I’ve written before in Discord. “a journey in the crypto space is and remains a special journey that is inexplicable for someone without crypto. Falling 10 times and hoping to get up 11 times, I’m confident unlock will make it” :muscle:

Greetings from the Netherlands and sorry for my stone coal english and do you think this post contributes to the comunity give me some votes :v: :pray:

I want to nominate @David-Moderator again:


Happy new year!

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I would like to nominate @henryhoffman again , as he have been actively participating in clearing the doubts of people in developer channel ,

Helping new developers/creators , surely help Unlock as a protocol to grow

address :0xde22DE740609532FC0F48287b7F258776bE814FD

I vote for @David-Moderator and @Sarah again for their relentless work in the Discord lobby! I also vote for @phitrone for the quality memes haha.

David: 0x9dED35Aef86F3c826Ff8fe9240f9e7a9Fb2094e5
Sarah: 0x9fb2653b94f1b2eee93c2e3429112727559ca2c2
Phitrone: 0x905040585A59C5B0E83Be2b247fC15a81FF4E533

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Voting is open!