Unlock Protocol Marketing Proposal


The primary objective of this proposal is to enhance the visibility of Unlock Protocol through a targeted marketing campaign utilizing Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across various social media platforms. By leveraging KOLs, we aim to educate a wider audience about Unlock Protocol, encouraging its adoption on various platforms.


We propose allocating a maximum budget of $80,000 in Unlock Protocol’s native token (UDT) to remunerate KOLs through a vesting mechanism. This budget will be utilized to engage KOLs across different social media platforms, ensuring a diverse and extensive reach.


  • Identification and Engagement of KOLs: We will curate a list of influential KOLs across relevant social media platforms. Each KOL will be approached with personalized agreements outlining the terms of engagement and compensation in UDTs.

  • Content Creation: The DAO will collaborate with KOLs to create engaging content that highlights the features and benefits of Unlock Protocol. This content will be tailored to resonate with the audience of each KOL, maximizing its impact.

  • Monitoring and Validation: A dedicated team member will be responsible for liaising with KOLs, negotiating agreements, and overseeing the execution of the campaign. Regular monitoring will ensure that KOLs adhere to the agreed-upon terms and produce content that aligns with the objectives of Unlock Protocol.


The designated personnel responsible for managing KOL relationships, negotiations, and campaign oversight will receive a monthly salary of $1,800 in UDT tokens.
KOLs will be compensated with UDT tokens based on the terms agreed upon in their respective agreements. Payments will be made via a vesting mechanism to incentivize ongoing promotion and engagement.


By leveraging the influence of KOLs through a strategic marketing campaign, we aim to raise awareness and drive adoption of Unlock Protocol among a broader audience. This proposal outlines a structured approach to engage KOLs, create compelling content, and monitor campaign performance, ensuring optimal results for Unlock Protocol and its community.

Great idea👍

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Great idea David, you have my support :+1:

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Good idea David you have my support to do it :slight_smile:

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I think this is broadly a good idea, but I think it would be better to engage a specialist marketing agency like Coinbound to manage the campaign/KOLs for more effective longterm growth and reputation, rather than the sometimes sketchy influencers that could hurt the project. For example I spoke to some exchanges about listing a year or so ago, and the Bitboy video worked against me.


Thank you for your feedback. It may be a viable option to consider engaging a company to handle this matter. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to reach out to them to request a quote. Once received, I will share it here for us all to review.

Regarding the video, it was made with the best intentions. However, given the recent events involving Bitboy, it is understandable that it may not have had the desired impact at this time.

On my end, I have initiated the process of listing on Coinbase. Which exchanges have you attempted to list UDT on?

I think it was Bybit or Bitso. Was casual conversations around listing process as they’re Mexico-based and was intro-d by my cofounder.

I think the BitBoy video was a good idea at the time and I voted for it, but I think now that everything is maturing we should take more of a longterm view. I’ll also gather some suggestions for marketing agencies, I met a bunch at various crypto conferences but no idea if they’re any good or not.

Thanks Henry, I’m going to have a meeting on the 12th of next week with Coinbound to see what they can offer us. After meeting with Coinbound I will update you with the details and if they send us a proposal I will also share it.

Amazing! Great idea and I fully support this.

Hi @David-Moderator

Sorry, I have been late in commenting on this thread.

Two points/ questions:
1- Who do you deem to be interested in managing the KOLs?
2- What kind of marketing campaign would you be looking to initiate? For example, which audience/ platforms exactly and which KOLs specifically?

I agree with @henryhoffman, but even when a marketing agency is involved, it is usually worth defining clear goals before approaching them. And yes, I also agree with some people who can actually hurt the project more than do good, especially when it comes to Web3 influencers, sadly.

Since you already had the meeting, let us know what you told them about the questions above. I am curious to see what you or they were suggesting.

PS: Also added this on Discord.

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I would like to address your two questions:

Who do you think is interested in managing KOLs?
Unfortunately, I cannot provide a definitive answer to this question. Perhaps you would be interested? However, I believe the best course of action would be to propose candidates and vote on the most suitable option if we decide to pursue KOL self-management. Personally, I believe that a company would handle this task more effectively than any of us.

What type of marketing campaign would you like to start?
I am keen on initiating a campaign, as outlined in my proposal, aimed at raising awareness of the project and reaching as many users, companies, and investors as possible. In my view, engaging top KOLs is essential to ensure a professional and impactful message.

Regarding platforms, we should consider Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Twitch, and forums. I fully agree with @henryhoffman opinion that entrusting this task to a company would be beneficial.

Our meeting is scheduled for next week, and once it concludes, I will share feedback here and on the forum, providing all pertinent details. If you wish to attend, please let me know so I can extend an invitation.

In summary, the objective of this initiative and the upcoming meeting is to increase awareness of the project among developers, investors, and companies, with the aim of maximizing impact in all respects.

There are individuals who have been part of this community for years, as well as significant token holders eagerly anticipating progress.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions :muscle:

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I really hope that the DAO can do something that promotes the value of the token and makes Unlock known. I’ve been here for two years and I only see actions of getting tokens or money for certain people.

I haven’t seen important Unlock integrations for a while, the last one I think is strong, there is no talk on Unlock’s social networks and while everything goes up UDT remains the same in price or goes down…

This happens because the project is not talked about and not many people know about it.

I hope that this proposal is achieved and that a company can really manage the marketing that the project needs.

I second this opinion - The bitboy video also cost the DAO a lot of money, on top of it how the video now works against us.

can you elaborate on this? Unlock had a big presence at EthDenver and that was just a few weeks ago I met people talking about how they felt Unlock was everywhere. I understand that this isn’t online but IRL - but still had 25,000+ people there.

I agree that we could be putting more momentum behind marketing and this is a step towards that.

If part of the vesting could be tied to some form of proof of impact that would be great. Marketing combined with some form of retroactively rewarding projects and builders who are using Unlock is the best combo (in my opinion).

I’d love to see some of these funds going towards projects already using us who could be more vocal community partners over an influencer who might help get the Unlock name out there, but yield any real long term net value.

PizzaDAO is a great example of this - they used Unlock in Istanbul, then Devner (over 1000 tickets minted) and now are working to use Unlock for Bitcoin pizza day - which will expose 10,000 + to Unlock via ticketing.

Hello lana,

You talk about the Unlock protocol and I talk about the UDT token, which are two completely different things.

See the impact of Unlock protocol by attending ETHDenver for UDT:

Maybe they haven’t explained to you that there is a group of more than 300 holders who talk about UDT and are waiting for some action to see a better value in the price…

I encourage you to come in and explain to them everything that has been done for UDT and listen to what they have to tell you.

I also understand that with 70 UDT you do not have the same interest as other people who have been in UDT for years waiting for a return on their investments.

Please join the group, we are waiting for you.

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Can you explain how things of bitboy exactly worked against us and how you experienced personally that it worked against you, beside taking over some stories somebody else wrote. Try to understand what UDT is and what the connection is to unlock before making statements and trying to sound trendy.

Happy that there is a UDT trading group - I am more focused on the builders side of things since I first heard of Unlock through EthGlobal Hackathons in '22.

I want to help build out Unlock as a protocol - I respect your desire for the UDT token to increase though.

I feel that the more popular the protocol is and the more it is used the more this will reflect in its price. Especially with new things like the collect fee + burn. The best way to ensure a long-term increase in the UDT token is to make sure the protocol is used (my opinion) and it is more easily available on exchanges (which @wonderwomancode is also working on).

If people are using Unlock for ticketing an example, collecting fees through it - then that’s a net positive for the protocol, the dao and UTD holders.

I don’t understand how I’m trying to sound trendy. maybe something is being lost in translation.

Saying I second this opinion is what someone says when you agree with a point someone made - which I do, I think Henry made a good point. At the time I’m sure it made sense, but now the DAO spent 30k on something they can no longer promote because of everything that happened with bitboy - and that is unfortunate.

When working with influencers we need to make sure we’re working with the right ones. That isn’t always easy because hindsight is 20/20, but if there are too many bad influencers associated with Unlock and UTD - that isn’t good for any of us.

Sorry then I misunderstood, and I’m here for a long time to know what is done and what is happening.
Not all intentions are clear so that’s why I can sound sometimes like offensive because of my energy since I know what kind of gem this is.

Do you understand the fact that the unlock discount token has major potential to go at least easily X100 because of the low mcap and small circulating supply?

It’s a Coinbase venture that went from -100 to 2000 in less than a month.
Sorry but all people that act like they don’t care about the token price are people who have a hidden agenda and know things that normal investors don’t know.
Then why is it no priority for you to support the marketing for unlock protocol and also a bit for UDT since they work as a rope and can pull each other.

Im really sure that when UDT goes upwards again and the mass sees that at CoinGecko and coinmarketcap those people will get curious and will do research and get to know everything unlock protocol has to offer for the web3 space.

And off course I want the best for the team and for Julien and the whole unlock protocol project, but I can’t understand is why it’s a major secret to talk about the token and let the audience know about the token and its value and potential.


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