Unlock Protocol Marketing Proposal

I think you were replying to me with this comment?

to clarify - I am 100% for spending money on marketing to help increase the visibility of the UDT token. I just don’t have the capacity to join a traders telegram chat to tell everyone how Unlock is marketing itself and what its strategy is :rofl: - my focus is more on getting more people to use and build on Unlock. I am currently running a retro grant round for Unlock builders to help incentivize people to use Unlock - so I am trying to create more traction for all of us. That is marketing, I’m focused on a different section of it is all.

We’re all on the same team, playing different positions.

Again 100% support funding to go towards marketing the token - Our total UDT treasury is around 1 million USD or so, so if we are going to vote to use almost 1/10th of that on marketing the token - I want to make sure we’re working with the right people is all.

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Amazing @lanzdingz, then we are on the same side! It would be great to have some marketing discord or telegram to help each other with marketing ideas etc.

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We are on the same side yes.

UnlockDAO has a weekly call- this is a great place to bring up ideas you have, and connect with others. Also, feel free to start a convo in discord too. Or join the town hall that is also weekly.

There are lots of discussions on things being done there. Maybe you’ve been on them too and just have a different user name.

We need different marketing strategies too, because crypto has tons of different kinds of people with different wants/needs and desires. All of them are validate and deserve space.

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I also respect that you want to dedicate your efforts to that.

In the end, there are faster paths and shorter ones, but what is clear is that we will all end up in the same place.

We must also think that the bull situation is a great opportunity to increase the value of UDT and therefore the treasury of the DAO, allowing sustainability in the coming bear years.

Think about what I just told you :wink:

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I think that what happened recently with Bitboy is not favorable for us…, but that action was done with the best intentions, I imagine, just like your 7k Arbitrium proposal and I hope it has a good impact and result.

We need a professional company that manages our marketing in a correct and effective way, here we are all aligned, therefore, let’s make proposals and vote for them, it’s simple.



Exactly, and I appreciate your efforts in working to help make this happen.


Meeting Summary with Coinbound - 12/03/2024


  • Jake Sorbello, Account Executive at Coinbound
  • Tony, Account Executive at Coinbound
  • David (Moderator), DAO Member in Unlock Protocol

David (Moderator) provided an overview of Unlock Protocol, emphasizing our intention to promote the protocol and Unlock UDT token through high-quality influencers.

I shared project information with them:

Website: https://unlock-protocol.com/
Forum: https://unlock.community/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnlockProtocol
Discord: https://discord.unlock-protocol.com/
Github: Unlock · GitHub

Tony introduced Coinbound, explaining their services and how they can contribute across various marketing fronts.

There was a discussion regarding the marketing budget. I mentioned $10,000 per month, which Coinbound indicated as the minimum to begin collaboration.

Coinbound would tailor influencers suitable for our project to ensure the best impact on results.

I’ve shared all the requested information to prepare this summary and to provide details to you:

Coinbound Deck https://app.hubspot.com/documents/5212896/view/777111041?accessId=6c870c
**Coinbound Hourly Rate Sheet ** https://app.hubspot.com/documents/5212896/view/777111040?accessId=34b90c
Coinbound Case Study Deck https://app.hubspot.com/documents/5212896/view/777111037?accessId=3e8cc7

Proposal for $10k/m budget:

Influencer, KOL, & Media Marketing - Deliverables:

During the engagement, Coinbound will source influencers, KOLs, or media opportunities aligned with the growth goals of SubQuery.

Factors considered for media sourcing include:

  • Campaign goals
  • Target audience
  • Brand and audience alignment
  • Allocated budget

Media opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • TikTok Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Twitter Influencer Content
  • Paid Publisher Content, such as:
    • Press Releases
    • Sponsored Articles
    • Banner Advertisements

Before proceeding with any third-party media opportunities, Coinbound will present them to SubQuery for approval, along with associated costs and relevant information.

Before activating agreed-upon media, Coinbound will collect media fees plus a 10% management fee. Coinbound will manage the entire media process, including payment, coordination, and reporting tasks.

Successful case study example: Coinbound Case Study

I have asked a few more things to be clear.

What do you think?


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This actually sounds really good. Have they got any experience working directly with a DAO before?


Good work David, Is there a minimum contract length we have to sign up for or is it on a month by month basis? I think what is included in the monthly retainer will have to be negotiated cleverly or we will be charged a fortune for every 6 minutes they work😂


I really think this is a very good step towards the correct side of the future for unlock protocol and its marketing. Can’t wait till we see this happen and unlock protocol, the team and all members witnessing this unique project getting the attention that it deserves.

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Yes, they have just confirmed that they are currently working with some projects through the DAO.

Thank you!! They have confirmed to me that there is no minimum contract duration, that the commitment is month to month. This gives us a lot of peace of mind and they gives them pressure to do things well to guarantee continuity.

I asked them if kols were included in the 10k per month budget and they answered the following:

A portion of the budget will be allocated to strategy, sourcing, KOL outreach and continuous management - a solid portion of the budget will go to the actual KOL budget (and or paid media, other services as needed). Especially if the KOLs are already in network, that will cut down the hours needed and allow us to use that for the actual KOLs.

With this information I feel comfortable making a snapshot proposal to measure the temperature, but first I want to wait a couple of days to see if anyone in the community has any more questions to ask Coinbound.


Pretty cool! I think if it’s a rolling contract or there’s a 3 month break clause I’d be happy with the terms.

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I’m curious to know why julien dosnt have an opinion on this matter? Is he not part of the dao?

Given David’s experience and continued contribution to the protocol, I would support the decision to provide additional funding.

Yesterday I asked Coinbound what pair they would accept as payment and they answered the following:

USDT/USDC. But, I could potentially see if we would be able to accept 5-10% in UDT

I personally think that we should lean into doing our own Web3 Growth Campaigns on platforms like galxe / questn / etc using UDT as rewards opportunity BEFORE spending USDT/USDC to a marketing agency.

I have asked @ccarfi_Unlock about where conversations are at with Layer3.xyz with onboarding Unlock-Protocol.

I couldn’t even get enough Unlock-Protocol community support for my 100 $UDT Grant for :recycle: #GigsGoGreen (link: Snapshot Proposal) and we are planning to launch a Kickstarter.com campaign next month.

Kinda frustrating to see thoughts & conversations being directed externally.

@Yonks to the best of my knowledge, no one from the Unlock Labs team has had any recent interactions w/ Layer3. there’s nothing preventing members of the Unlock DAO from doing so, in the same way @David-Moderator has reached out to Coinbound.

@Tadhgb87 for a variety of reasons, members of the Unlock Labs team are not able to participate substantively in conversations around UDT.

there’s nothing preventing members of the Unlock DAO from doing so

Until we get an agreed upon Unlock DAO framework (IE: legal wrapper in place) the DAO, IMO, is more theoretical than actual. I do not want to engage “on behalf of the DAO” until then.

It does appear that we are now starting to move in some direction on this topic.