What's your biggest challenge as a creator looking to decentralize your content or platforms?

Being a creator is no easy feat. Navigating the centralized platforms that trap you in an endless web of sacrificing access, ownership, etc can directly impact both your sanity and your income.

So, I’m curious, what’s you biggest challenge to making the leap to decentralization as a creator? Biggest roadblock, hiccup or something that’s holding you back?

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I’ll start us off!! My biggest challenge is the time to create the integration and learn the technology in a deep way so I can manage all the things. I’m hoping to make more time soon to do just that.

I know many creators I’ve spoken with looking to decentralize hit the technology roadblock or simply don’t understand the exact technical implementation enough to take the leap.

i think for me, a challenge has been keeping up to date with all of the new and useful tools that come out. And another challenge i think is more pressing is getting new people into the space who are initially reluctant or feel like its a scam…

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YES!! Both points are excellent!! Wondering if there’s a membership opportunity for someone to create a portal just to monitor/explore/share/educate for all the shiny new tech and tools that roll out so fast. A full time gig for sure!

I agree with the more pressing point too about helping people new to the space feel comfortable with the whole concept.

oh that would be so amazing. I dont know of anyone/place thats doing that but i do know that there are lots of small blogs and sites giving out info! and i have a social token so thats super important to me

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I think the biggest challenge for me is to find the right developers that can see my vision and want to be apart of it. For example, I’m working on a new project called TYLR.World. It is a PFP project that will develop into a community driven storyline and eventually turn it into an animated/comic series. I would love for TYLR’s collectors to be apart of the TYLR DAO, where they can vote on the storyline and the development of TYLR. Problem is, I don’t know where to find the right developers who will help me code this project. This is my biggest challenge so far.