Grantee Class Three | August 2021

Hi everyone! This is Amber from the Unlock Grants Team!

This is the section of the forum that will collect quarterly updates from each grant class! This is also a great place to get to know one another and update each other on your projects!

If you need any super quick support, please post in the Grants channel on Discord!

Matt Mankins - Notion

Matt will be working on an Unlock integration for Notion pages. We love us some Notion and are excited to see this come to life!

Yuriy Dybskiy - Puma Browser

Puma is a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem and is focusing on creating support for lock detection and the ability to unlock/get a key natively in the app. The Puma team started this project as part of the HackFS Hackathon and is continuing this project with our grant program.

Patrick Murphy - Aloy

Aloy’s working to create better loyalty programs through digital assets. They are building a SaaS solution that allows brands in the travel, hospitality, and leisure sector to create NFT-enabled membership programs that tie real-world benefits to the ownership of digital assets (NFTs).

Josh - The Blockchain Socialist

The Blockchain Socialist is a blog and podcast that explores the intersection of blockchain and left politics. Josh will be exploring deeper ways of integrating Unlock to try and create a true web3 version of Patreon.

Victor Feng - Nama Protocol

Nama Protocol is a multi-chain enabled lending protocol that empowers borrowers to use their NFTs as collateral to get loans and lenders to stake their stablecoins to the lending pools to get high yield farming and gain attractive interest while lending to borrowers. Nama Protocol will be using Unlock in various aspect of their protocol.

Jess Sloss - Seed Club

Seed Club is a DAO that builds and invests in communities with tokens. They’re actively working with the Unlock protocol to better define the use cases we see emerging with the hope that Unlock can be a core tool to power the Seed Club.

Pedro Alves - Creator Portal

Dev Protocol is building a Creators Portal using Unlock to help support patrons using their robust platform. Dev Protocol is working to build a Decentralized Creator Economy and creator DAOs to support the web3 movement.

Reference: Official Blog Post announcing the grantees

Please post your quarterly updates below, using the template you received in your email! This will make it easy to keep track of your progress as grantees!

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