September 8th, 2021 Community Update

General Updates

  • We hired a new and amazing developer for the Unlock team— welcome Clement!
  • Amber Case officially joined the Unlock Team as an advisor!

Progress on Protocol

  • The Firebase integration implemented by grantee, Novum Insights is now live!
  • We had eight HackFS Projects deploy the protocol and win part of the pool prize from our sponsorship of the ETH Global hackathon. (Blog post coming soon with links to the projects!)

Fresh Integrations

  • We awarded the RFP to two teams building decentralized alternatives to OnlyFans.
  • We awarded a bounty for an amazing Unlock Dashboard built by ManyRios. You can see the dashboard by clicking here.
  • Grantee Austin Robey created the Dinner Dao using Unlock as a way to connect people IRL for dinner and the movement is growing! Learn more here.

Grant Program

  • We’ve had an influx of grant applications and our selection committee met on 9/7 to select our third cohort of grantees! Updates on selections coming on shortly! Click here to see meeting details.

PR/Marketing/Community Initiatives

  • From Aug 23, 2021 – Sep 6, 2021 we saw a 16.2% audience growth on Twitter and LinkedIn and the engagement rate increased by 38.6%.
  • We have 160 members in our Discord and 86 members in our Discourse.

GDP (Or Key Metrics)

As of September 6th here’s the following core metrics:


  • Total GDP: 427.670823762807271191 ETH
  • Total USD: 1676957.173889294
  • Locks Deployed: 447
  • Keys Generated: 1245


  • Total GDP: 539.331241000000000001 ETH
  • Total USD: 2114793.30233474
  • Locks Deployed: 356
  • Keys Generated: 1216

Polygon Network

  • Total GDP: 211.675739723081786457 ETH
  • Total USD: 830010.2100577649
  • Locks Deployed: 135
  • Keys Generated: 108